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Coronavirus and longer cycles this month

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peanutsandpinenuts Thu 09-Apr-20 10:52:35

I know I just need to do a pregnancy test and put my mind at rest but has anyone else had mild symptoms of covid-19 this month and also found there cycle has gone mad?

DH and I have been TTC for over 18 months now, cycle has been a reliable 33/34 days for the past 7 months but occasionally I get a WTF cycle. This month we were on month two of clomid. After ovulation I had mild covid symptoms, cough, tiredness, lack of taste and smell (isolated for a week, no symptoms at all now).

Now period is nearly a week late, and know I have to just put myself out of my misery and get the damn test. But I've had so many BFNs and I am fed up of peeing on sticks!!!

Should also say that expect for a few really light twinges in my belly I have no pregnancy symptoms. But then if pregnant it would be very early days.

So has anyone else found their cycle is messed up this month and have you had covid symptoms? Do I just need to get a test? When did pregnancy symptoms start for others? Anyone had any random experiences on clomid?

Sorry for the rant, isolation is making me lose my head a bit!!! smile

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pinkazing Thu 09-Apr-20 10:54:14

I know when I’m super stressed mid month it messes with my cycle. Not sure about illness

JessC12234 Thu 09-Apr-20 19:16:59

My cycles are usually 32/33 days and I’m currently on day 43 and BFNs. driving me insane!
I didn’t have COVID symptoms but had a mild sore throat around the time I was due to ovulate...

N12345625 Thu 09-Apr-20 19:30:32

Stress could affect your period, so it could be that. Good luck for when (if) you do a pregnancy test!

hopsalong Thu 09-Apr-20 19:38:27

Yes. Cycles normally 28/29 days, occasionally longer. Never had one under 26 days in my life!

This month had coronavirus symptoms on day 1 of cycle. Finally felt better (ish, ie not appalling) on day 21, and my period started on the same day. I sort of felt as if my body had given up on functioning normally under the stress of the illness and was clearing out to start again!

paintfairy Thu 09-Apr-20 20:11:02

I've not had symptoms. However my cycle has gone nuts! I usually ovulate day 11-13. But mostly day 11. I'm on day 17 now and still haven't?! It's driving me mad.

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