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Could I be pregnant??

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Queenwales Wed 08-Apr-20 15:39:40

Hi new here and terrified if I'm honest so here goes, apologises for my spelling it is shocking.

I have pcos, strangely was regular since September everyone month since September 26th/27th a.f shown her ugly face, including here goes.
A.F last visited 27th January 2020 but was alot lighter then normal for me,it was also less aggression(normally bloat, painful, swollen breast, mental mood swings hardly noticed in January) tbh all a.f visits since September haven't been that bad.
So February came along and just one day of pinkish blood then back to nothing . March came along and nothing ! We have been TTC for nearly 2years now,I am trying to lose weight have lost a stone so far.

Today we did a h.p.t clear blue ultra early and as usual the empty window just that stupid control line! I was positive it would have that amazing little line , my breast are beyond swollen they barely fit in my a.f time bra,I'm peeing more frequently, nauseous is an understatement the smell of bathroom soap makes me gag and ham which I live on lean ham ,the smell of it is hell on earth to nipples are super sensitive and tender the area around had got bigger but I don't think changed colour. I'm so confused right now!!

Any advice ? I'm not sure what to do esp with this virus going around

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