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Has anyone tried this and conceived after?

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GeeHO98 Wed 08-Apr-20 15:34:28

A friend recommended this after a family member of hers tried it after 2 years of ttc and got pregnant that first week using it. I've seen really good reviews and people saying it worked for them online but has anyone got experience with this and can say it worked for them before I give it a try?

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Nat4392 Wed 08-Apr-20 15:41:09

I’ve been using this for a few months so far to no avail. I stopped using it internally too as I was getting recurring UTIs, a few other ladies on here have had the same problem. I just get the tube rather than the applicators and use as a regular lube now. I’ve actually started pre-seed this month instead, we we’ll see if that’s anymore effective

Nic165 Wed 08-Apr-20 16:02:05

Yes - worked twice for me in conjunction the sperm meets egg plan (SMEP). Dc1 was unplanned but used this method twice to conceive dc2 and dc3, both within 2 months.

Hoping1 Wed 08-Apr-20 16:07:38

We used it for 6 months still nothing xxx

BuffaloCauliflower Wed 08-Apr-20 16:26:49

I used Preseed and I believe it helped. Pregnant first cycle using this (though had a loss) when we tried again got pregnant second cycle using this, and it’s holding so far

Elouera Wed 08-Apr-20 16:28:57

Not sure if it has the same ingredients as pre-seed, but I'd read it contains parabens. They are banned in many sunscreens, so I cant believe parabens are allowed to be used internally. I can only guess its at a safe level?

BuffaloCauliflower Wed 08-Apr-20 16:29:48

I’ve read various things and most say seem to say Preseed is the most effective fertility lubricant

SoloMummy Wed 08-Apr-20 16:55:12

Yes it worked for me too!!!

ColdTapwater Wed 08-Apr-20 17:03:30

Worked for Me too, ttc for a Year before trying this then conceived shortly after! Maybe a coincidence but I don't think so smile

pottypotamus Wed 08-Apr-20 17:28:01

Hello, I used Preseed which is similar, but a fertility lube nonetheless. I got pregnant 3 times while using Preseed, every time within about 2-3 cycles. Second time was unfortunately early mc. But I would def recommend anyone ttc to use.

GeeHO98 Wed 08-Apr-20 19:54:02

Thank you everyone I'll look into this preseed one first then smile

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