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Short luteal phase- will a Dr brush me off?

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sausageface Wed 08-Apr-20 13:37:35

Hi all. I THINK I'm possibly having my second chemical pregnancy- neither of which are confirmed due to me not testing. Both came around the time of my period and I've been good at not testing unless I'm a good few days late and then the bleeding would start (with lots of clotting) by which point I assume it's too late to get a positive result even if it was a chemical?

Anyway, I track ovulation and generally have around 32 day cycles, with my peak/solid smiley face at around CD22, meaning only a 10 day luteal phase at best. I'm wanting to approach the doctor about this now, however I'm overweight, technically obese in fact and I wonder if this means the doctor will say nothing but lose weight at this point?
My hope would be they would test my hormone levels etc despite my weight issues and at least know if there are things that need addressing but I fear they'll just send me away until I'm slimmer. I am of course trying to lose weight but there's only so quickly it happens and being in my early 30s already means I'd rather know what I'm dealing with sooner rather than later if there's anything above and beyond weight issues!

Sorry for the ramblings but any words of wisdom/anyone that's been through similar/opinions on Dr standpoint?


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AsSurprisedAsYouAre Wed 08-Apr-20 15:14:52

You can pay a few private companies to do the Progesterone blood tests via a mail out kit if you aren't squeamish about pricking your own finger and putting some blood in a vial. You have to take your bloods on specific days and they'll check there's enough progesterone to support a pregnancy. My luteal phase is 10-11 days so I did one, levels are fine for me so I know it's not that. I usually hate advocating for paid/private tests but right now I don't think the NHS would prioritise this kind of thing and it means you get your info without a potential bias owing to your weight. Hope that helps x

Wearenotyourkind Wed 08-Apr-20 16:20:45

Can you recommend a company @AsSurprisedAsYouAre? Thanks 🙏🏻

Disressingtimes Wed 08-Apr-20 16:21:34

A Dr would normally be happy enough to request bloods in my surgery but, at the moment, routine test are not being ordered and only essential blood tests are being done. Sorry OP, you will probably have to wait until the pandemic settles down.

Wearenotyourkind Wed 08-Apr-20 16:29:46

Also, OP, feel free to come and join us in this thread

Short Luteal Phase Gang!

sausageface Wed 08-Apr-20 17:01:11

Thanks so much for the advice. I'll look into the private tests. Fully appreciate the pandemic going on so didn't think the gp would see me anytime soon, I guess I was speculating based on a normal life situation haha

Will definitely hop onto the short luteal phase thread, thanks for the recommendation! Thank you!

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