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IUI cycle. Very faint line

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AmIamum10 Tue 07-Apr-20 20:45:19

I have a very faint line all my tests done on 10, 11 and 12 dpo. This is an IUI cycle. I had a 10000iu hcg shot 1 day before IUI. Now the line did not get darker each passing day. It hasn't gotten lighter either. I have blood preg test this Friday. Any advise? Am I pregnant? Or is it it just the hcg trigger shot tricking me?

Confusedinusa Wed 08-Apr-20 01:18:49

I am new here. Is there a way to upload a pic of the faint line you got or is that not allowed?

AmIamum10 Wed 08-Apr-20 02:22:37

I am new as well. I don't know if I can add a pic. Thanks for responding. I just took a clear-blue digital and it says I am not pregnant. I just finished weeping down my husband's shoulders. Although in the larger scheme of things, it inst a bid deal, but I feel my world has coming crashing down. You know that negative test feeling!

My husband is still hopeful.. But I have been ttc for 5 years now. It's just pitfall and waking up every month

BlueLadybird Wed 08-Apr-20 03:12:48

How many dpo are you now? If you’ve been trying for 5 years you won’t need me to tell you the Clear Blue digital ones are the least sensitive. Were the other tests FRER? With first morning wee?

If this isn’t the news you long for it is natural to feel extremely upset so please don’t beat yourself up over than. This club no one want to be in is extremely tough in every way so please do look after yourself. flowers

AmIamum10 Wed 08-Apr-20 13:06:17

@BlueLadybird. Thank you.
Yes, FRER had faint positives. An other cheap one from Walmart also had a faint positive. My worry is it could be detecting the hcg already in my system as a result of the trigger shot. In my last IUI cycle before this one, the beta test result had 5.6 hcg. FRER would pick these, I guess. The RN said sperm and egg met but failed implantation, hence the hcg. I don't know if it is the same this cycle as well. Friday seems to a century away, the day of my blood test

AmIamum10 Wed 08-Apr-20 18:54:49

I took a test again now. Still a faint line. Can the residual stay < 50 and > 6 for 4 days? Sorry for posting again and again. I am just restless. It's been a long wait and not with much hope

AmIamum10 Wed 08-Apr-20 19:21:36

Today is 14 dpo

BozhyaKorovka Wed 08-Apr-20 22:04:53

I had superfaint line at 12DPO (and a negative earlier). IUI, too. 9 weeks pregnant though, faint line is very much still a line!! Keep testing first thing every day, and stay positive. Even my blood test was inconclusive, they had to do it twice!!

AmIamum10 Thu 09-Apr-20 13:06:15

Sure, I will. Tomorrow is the Beta test. Congratulations on your pregnancy smile

BlueLadybird Fri 10-Apr-20 04:22:20

@AmIamum10, we will be thinking of you tomorrow. Good luck

AmIamum10 Fri 10-Apr-20 13:58:22

@BlueLadybird. Thank you. It's just business as usual. The faint lines were from residual trigger shots. Beta test came back negative for pregnancy.

BlueLadybird Fri 10-Apr-20 14:57:35

Really sorry to hear that. Please look after yourself. It’s shit, I know. flowers

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