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What were your pregnancy symptoms?

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GeeHO98 Tue 07-Apr-20 20:43:19

Just wanted to ask about everyone's symptoms or signs that made them think they were pregnant.

Any embarrassing ones?

I'm ttc so just wanting to know for future & fun

WestCountryLady Tue 07-Apr-20 20:56:41

Very weird vivid dreams, sore nipples and strange pulling sensations in my tummy.
Also really bad taste in my mouth like metallic and needing a wee all the time.

London91 Tue 07-Apr-20 21:00:09

Not a symptom but I had a really strange dream about an aquantaince being pregnant. I was only 8dpo. It played on my mind all day, so I took a test that evening, was only a 2 hour hold and lo and behold it was positive.

KitKatKit Tue 07-Apr-20 21:03:12

Strange pulling in lower stomach area, kind of like weird period clenching cramps (?!?!). Also, nausea from like week 4.

BuffaloCauliflower Tue 07-Apr-20 21:31:11

I took a test because we were trying, but the first symptom was a really strong cramp/pain in my womb, randomly one morning as I was getting in the shower. Was about 4DPO and just a noticeably different feeling? I got a good BFP at 10DPO. Boobs then got sore, and started feeling woozy and tired a week later.

nancyjuice7 Tue 07-Apr-20 21:32:24

I couldn't NOT wear a bra as my nipples even faintly touching a t shirt was agony. That was from 14-16dpo
Sore boobs came about a week later but nipples were the first sign

HisBetterHalf Tue 07-Apr-20 21:35:40

first was sore boobs followed by extreme tiredness and morning sickness

Katnissx Tue 07-Apr-20 21:50:52

Weird one- I've just found out I'm pregnant with #2 and the thing that made me test was that in the past I had heard that when you become pregnant your breast milk changes colour from white to yellow-y (colostrum). A few times in the past I have checked (not breastfeeding any more but can get a drop out if I squeeze my breast) and it's always been white, anyway this month I checked it and it was slightly yellow, did a test straight away and BFP! (I told you it was weird 😂🙈)

The only other symptoms I've had is implantation bleeding about 48hrs before I got my BFP, mild cramping/ pulling in lower abdomen and a few headaches. I didn't have morning sickness with my son but I did get bad food adversion so I'm really hoping that doesn't kick in again! X

Katnissx Tue 07-Apr-20 21:51:44

Also I've already started waking up in the night to pee! 🙈

Good luck with TTC X

DonutMuffin Tue 07-Apr-20 22:02:39

A twinge in my lower abdomen when turning a certain way, got this with both pregnancies and with first had implantation bleeding but never noticed with second

GeeHO98 Tue 07-Apr-20 22:21:01

@Katnissx that's definitely a new one not heard that one before aha, Congratulations

Seems like period like cramps is a really common one then. With my first I had a weird sharp pain in my backside that made me think something was odd didn't think anything of it till I missed my period but that was my first clue was a while ago now though so I'm constantly symptom spotting this time round🙈

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