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OPK progression...

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susso Tue 07-Apr-20 14:19:18


We've been TTC for 2 years now (2 pregnancies, no DC currently) I don't ovulate an awful lot and have PCOS but OPK's still seem to work for me, times I've got pregnant I've always tracked O using OPK's and always effective. But my OPK's don't seem to get darker than this? Even the months I got pregnant my OPK's never went above this colour! This morning my OPK was negative but this usually happens to me in the morning anyway. My questions are;

Would you count my latest OPK as positive? Even though Premom has put it as 1.39 I'm not convinced.

Does anyone else get OPK's that only go this dark and know they ovulate?


cookielove Tue 07-Apr-20 14:22:39

Its not dark enough to be a positive, however I would test on an hour or so or a few more times today and tomorrow to see if it goes darker.

susso Tue 07-Apr-20 14:25:44

Thanks @cookielove i did 3 tests last night and they all gradually increased so I was just expecting it to be darker! I will keep on testing today. But I think I possibly could have missed it as I might have had a surge in the night!!

Who knows though!

Thanks for the reply 😊

susso Tue 07-Apr-20 14:45:55

Does this look more positive or less positive than last nights? My eyes are going funny looking at them all 😂 I maybe I am still yet to Ovulate!

bluebell94 Tue 07-Apr-20 15:05:35

Hi mine were all similar to yours, I never got what I would consider a positive but I must have been ovulating as I did get pregnant. And that was testing with clear blue tests and cheap dipstick OPKs, always followed instructions but they just never showed anything for me. Odd! But I tried not to stress about it and when the time comes for my next, I don't even know that I'd bother with them! X

susso Tue 07-Apr-20 15:11:43

Ahh thanks @bluebell94 nice to know that I'm not the only one who doesn't really get proper positives! This afternoons looks promising so I will continue to test!

But I think you're right about not bothering with them! They're pretty much a waste of time as they can vary so much but I think I just like them because they curb my craving to take pregnancy tests 😫😂 I'm an addict hahah!

But saying that fingers crossed I get a positive soon! I had my first natural period in a while last month so I'm hoping my body is kickstarting itself! X

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