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Anyone know if the doctors will see me?

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Grace2296 Mon 06-Apr-20 19:27:31

I came off the pill in August and since then my cycles have been between 35-39 days. This month I am on day 48 and no sign of AF yet apart from a few twinges and a break out. I’ve done two tests which were negative. I really want to go and see my doctor about this but I’m unsure whether they will see me given the current circumstances. Anyone know? TIA

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Hedgehog26 Mon 06-Apr-20 19:28:27

I think the best you get would be a telephone consultation

FleasAndKeef Mon 06-Apr-20 19:29:10

Most GP surgeries are doing telephone triage at the moment. You could always phone and ask. You may be offered something like a telephone or video consultation

Kateplaysrugbyinmydreams Mon 06-Apr-20 19:36:36

So what's your urgent medical need you need them to Address?

Grace2296 Mon 06-Apr-20 19:59:09

@FleasAndKeef @Hedgehog26 that’s what I was thinking 🤔 thanks for your replies. I think I will just phone and find out

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TheVanguardSix Mon 06-Apr-20 20:01:16

You can book a telephone consultation. But you definitely won't be seen.

helpmum2003 Mon 06-Apr-20 20:02:56

Agree telephone conversation only at the moment...

Grace2296 Mon 06-Apr-20 20:04:22

@TheVanguardSix @helpmum2003 thank you xx

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Grace2296 Mon 06-Apr-20 20:05:00

@Kateplaysrugbyinmydreams it was just a polite question

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Soontobe60 Mon 06-Apr-20 20:08:38

I very much doubt your gp will see you. Especially if you live in an area with high levels of covid sufferers. My DM really needed to see a GP last week, she was quite ill. She ended up with a telephone consult with a pharmacist who sent her antibiotics.

Grace2296 Mon 06-Apr-20 20:09:57

@Soontobe60 ah I see, it may be that I try when things settle down in a few more months then. Hope she is ok 🙂

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TrickyKid Mon 06-Apr-20 20:11:29

Not really something to bother the GP with at the moment. I doubt irregular periods are going to affect your health.

Grace2296 Mon 06-Apr-20 20:20:25

@TrickyKid thank you, but please don’t disregard what someone would consider as a health worry

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London91 Mon 06-Apr-20 20:27:45

@Grace2296 I doubt they would see you for this. But definitely call and see if you can speak to a doctor. When this is all over then hopefully they can do some blood tests or refer you to gynae. Take care!

Cuddling57 Mon 06-Apr-20 20:30:13

Do you feel stressed? Sometimes that can delay your period.
Is your body otherwise ok? Any pains? Do you have any other health worries? Are you eating normally?
It won't hurt to phone GP tomoro, but if everything else is ok I'm not sure what they would say.

Grace2296 Mon 06-Apr-20 20:53:01

@London91 thank you ☺️ @Cuddling57 I don’t feel overtly stressed but I think sometimes you can stress without knowing! I am a teacher so have been worrying lots about my children who are working at home, so possibly! Thank you for your reply x

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Kateplaysrugbyinmydreams Tue 07-Apr-20 08:02:37

I think it's perfectly acceptable to dismiss a health worry when we are dealing with a pandemic. Your periods are screwed up atm. That may or may not improve. Leave the telephone lines free for the people with acute problems or who need help for chronic conditions or who have red flag symptoms.

Grace2296 Tue 07-Apr-20 09:01:27

@Kateplaysrugbyinmydreams I think it is a shame that you put your point across contemptuously, I am very much aware of what is happening in the world right now. As I said before, I’m just asking a polite question on a platform where ladies seek support advice.

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slipperywhensparticus Tue 07-Apr-20 09:08:06

Are you ttc? I would take a different brand of pregnancy test if you are

Yes stress can delay a period

Weight loss weight increase can also contribute

Grace2296 Tue 07-Apr-20 09:10:52

@slipperywhensparticus Hi, yes we are. I’ve used 2 FRER tests as I thought these tended to be the most accurate but maybe I should try a different brand - any recommendations? X

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ChardonnaysPetDragon Tue 07-Apr-20 09:18:32

Why are women's health worries always dismissed?

There is not need for the "what's so urgent" about it remarks.

If you are worried, call your GP. Pandemic or not, life goes on.

weaninghelp Tue 07-Apr-20 09:24:26

Like everyone else said at most you might get a phone call. Just thought I would add though when I came off the pill my cycles were very similar to yours. My doctor just said it can take between 6 to 12 months for my cycles to get into a normal rhythm. My cycles did stay quite long and I did have afew extra long ones. But if you are trying for a baby I'm now sat here with my two so it didn't stop me getting pregnant smile

Grace2296 Tue 07-Apr-20 09:27:31

@ChardonnaysPetDragon totally agree, thank you!

@weaninghelp that is really reassuring thank you for your reply!

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aquietlifeplease Tue 07-Apr-20 09:51:41

Ring your doctors and ask for a telephone consultation. All these people saying you shouldn't because of the pandemic may well be wrong in their assumptions that your doctors are busy. I had a telephone consultation last week and apologised to my gp for taking up his time and he told me he was actually less busy than normal so it may well be the same in your area depending on where you live.

Grace2296 Tue 07-Apr-20 10:31:45

@aquietlifeplease true! GPs won’t be busy with coronavirus anyway as advice is to not contact your GP. Thank you for your reply ☺️

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