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Early ovulation??

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msb86 Sun 05-Apr-20 09:45:02

Hi. I started testing straight after af finished on CD6. On cd9 I got a static smiley on cb tests (no flashing) used opks which also showed high but not peak. Cd10 opks were low again.

Second month ttc following coil removal in early Feb and last cycle was 27 days.

Does anyone else ovulate early in their cycle or have such a short lh surge?

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Beau20 Sun 05-Apr-20 11:09:26

How long are your cycles? I think you are testing waayyy too early!! I always have a low positive test on an OPK from AF through to about CD8 when it starts to fade. It then gets darker when I actually due to ovulate. All my apps think it's 'high' but not peak.

I think it's just a case that you are testing too early. Go off the cheap internet strip tests not your CB as you will have messed that one up if testing too early.

Beau20 Sun 05-Apr-20 11:10:16

Ignore me you said 27 days. In that case definitely testing too early

msb86 Sun 05-Apr-20 11:28:14

I used both tests, had definite ewcm on cd9 and then cramping on Cd10. I was the same the month before but had a static smiley and high opks on cd11. I'll keep on with the opks

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Skyla01 Sun 05-Apr-20 11:34:19

@msb86 I would go by your cb- it sounds like you have ovulated early. If it has not been long since you stopped contraception your cycle might not have settled down yet and this could be a shorter cycle. You'll know more by the date that AF comes.

Both our cycles and interpreting opks can be mysterious at times! If you dtd every 2-3 days then you'll be covered whenever ovulation occurs. Good luck!

Beau20 Sun 05-Apr-20 12:54:01

If you ovulated that time last month and you had ewcm then it's likely you did ovulate early smile keep on with the cheap OPK strips until they are negative then you will know x

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