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just had an erpc

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natydee Wed 12-Sep-07 13:40:11

hi im new i have been reading posts for a few months now i have 3 children 9 5 and 2 i had a missed miscarriage in 2000 and just had an erpc 1 week ago found out i was preg on 31 july on 3 august had light bleeding that lasted all weekend went to epu on 8 august by dates should of been 6 weeks only saw 4 week sac all bleeding stopped went back 14th very little growth told to go back in 2 weeks 29th found breakdown in sac thought it was partial molar had erpc 4 sep (my partners bday)2 days later results back not molar told hormone lvels drop was good discharged with antibiotcs i would like to know if anybody has had erpc because ive had no bleeding and was told that i would just have a horrible period but i want to know how long till i have my peroid any answers would be gratefully recieved

prettybird Wed 12-Sep-07 13:54:07

I think it was 3-4 weeks to my period after both my erpcs (I have a short cycle anyway). Had the erpcs becayse of missed miscarriages: one at 11 weeks (showed 7) and the other a twin pregnancy at c10 weeks (showed 5 - and had done for 3 weeks - not sure of the exact time I got the erpc done, just remember they kept on calling me back uneneccarily for scans to confirm that the obviously non-viable pregnancy was no longer progressing )

natydee Wed 12-Sep-07 14:02:28

my first missed was 12 weeks showed 9 i took that one really bad it was my second preg but i havent even cried about this one and they said it was twins that sounds so cold i wonder if it will hit me when i do get my period

Mungarra Wed 12-Sep-07 16:57:22

I've had two ERPCs (one molar pregnancy and one missed miscarriage) and I bled for about a week after each one, but the bleeding wasn't heavy.

Both times I had my next period around 27 days later.

suss Wed 12-Sep-07 20:26:21

I had very little bleeding after my erpc just sort of spotting - it was in 1999 and I did actually find it v distressing not to bleed if that doesn't sound weird as I felt my baby had just disappeared I was 9 weeks showed 6weeks. (IVF pg hence early scans.

Bollymiscuit Wed 12-Sep-07 20:33:29

After my ERPC. I only bled very lightly, but for about 6 days. I found out had missed MC at 12 week scan as only saw 6 week. Not yet had my period and its been 5 weeks since ERPC.

poppy75 Thu 13-Sep-07 20:00:46

Natydee - so sorry to hear your news. I had mc at 10 weeks - didn't have ERPC until three weeks after that as I was bleeding and they thought it would all sort itself out naturally. After ERPC I had a few days of bleeding but not very heavy at all. My next AF was 4 weeks after the ERPC.

Hope you are ok, it didn't hit me for a few weeks afterwards, it really helps to talk to someone close. I still get sad days and make sure you plan something nice for your due date as it can be tough.

good luck and take care of yourself xxx

natydee Thu 13-Sep-07 21:57:23

thank you for all the info poppy 75 its my bday on the 17 of this month and have planned a girls night out for the weekend after im just really worried i will start bleeding really heavy and it will ruin the night

natydee Thu 13-Sep-07 22:12:39

poppy 75 didnt realise you said due date its typical its my brother in laws bday so i suppose theres no getting away from it but im lucky i have my kids to keep my mind off it i suppose its worse when you dont have kids not any less painfull dont get me wrong but a bit more empty

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