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Macaz20 Sat 04-Apr-20 16:08:44

@BuffaloCauliflower thanks for your reply, yeah that makes total sense. So you think I can stop worrying for now? Honestly been tearing my hair out every morning haha. Do you think it’s worth getting a different type of OPKs? Maybe I should just not do them as they caused me some stress this month maybe ignorance is bliss? We’ve been DTD regardless of what the test said just incase this sort of thing happened and I’ve missed the surge x

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BuffaloCauliflower Sat 04-Apr-20 13:21:17

I’m unconvinced by the digital tests. I’d get regular cheapy OPKs and test 3 times across the afternoon/evening - the surge can be quick, you can catch it and the it be gone a few hours later - but with the digital ones you can’t actually see the line darkening so lose your own judgment. These are two tests from the last cycle I ovulated, and I’m now pregnant. That’s a big difference in a day.

Also bear in mind the surge is 36-48 hours before you ovulate, not the day you ovulate, and you want to DTD before ovulation so the sperm is there waiting. Your not aiming for ovulation day itself. So if you’re DTD on flashing days that will be the run up time you’re after. Does that make sense?

Macaz20 Sat 04-Apr-20 11:25:01

Hey everyone,
Just looking for people opinions ☺️
This month I thought I’d try OPKs, I have a 28 day cycle so I started testing with these on CD8. Got my first flashing face on CD12 and ever since that’s all I’ve had I’m pretty sure I had EWCM CD13/14. So disappointed I don’t seem to be getting the peak static I’ve followed the instructions to the letter. Has anyone else had this experience with these and managed to get pregnant? We’ve been DTD anyway just incase the surge was missed but I’m disheartened and have convinced myself that I don’t ovulate and there’s something wrong now and it won’t happen for us.

Any guidance would be much appreciated ☺️

Thank you 💕

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