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Low progesterone??

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sh84 Thu 02-Apr-20 17:06:26

My post ovulation temps are really low, above cover line but only by about 0.2degrees, could this be a sign of low progesterone. I naturally have a low temperature, usually sits around 36.4 during the day, any time of the month, pre ov temps are around 35.5-35.7, highest they have been post ov is 36.6 but this month highest post ov temp I’ve got is 36.2, just thinking I’m not producing enough progesterone to affect my temps. I don’t have any other symptoms of low progesterone, periods are really regular, same length luteal phase every month, ovulation “confirmed” by temp & ovulation tests. I just don’t know what it could be that’s causing it to take so long for me to conceive

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Beau20 Fri 03-Apr-20 20:29:20

If you had low progesterone, it would be seen from day 7 of your temps usually. I have low progesterone and I have light/short periods. Only 10-11 days luteal phase and my temps start to drop from 7DPO. I've attached my chart for an idea smile

If your temps hardly rise at all, that could be because you haven't ovulated. No ovulation means no progesterone in luteal phase. To confirm ovulation you need to have 3 consecutive temps above cover line, usually about 0.5 degree Celsius above pre-ovulation temperatures.

Hope that helps!

Beau20 Fri 03-Apr-20 20:31:10

I forgot to say, another sign of low progesterone is a slow temp rise after ovulation. As you can see in my chart.

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