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Coil Removal

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nlm82 Thu 02-Apr-20 13:59:22

Myself and my partner have decided to try for a baby, my local gp will not remove my coil due to CV19. does anyone have any ideas of how I could get it removed.
we are desperate to start trying and it has taken a lot of persuasion on my part.

Angharad07 Thu 02-Apr-20 14:06:33

I wish I knew. Have you tried getting in touch with the family planning/sexual health centre in your area? I’ve got the IUD implant and I’ve really had enough of the side affects now but I’m stuck with it.

FrankieKnuckles Thu 02-Apr-20 14:08:50

Local sexual health clinic?

nlm82 Thu 02-Apr-20 14:15:07

I have tried the local clinic they are closed, I eve tried saying I thought it had maoved to my GP but still no. Im tempted to try myself haha

MoonW Thu 02-Apr-20 14:27:16

@nlm82 firstly please do not try to remove it yourself. Goodness knows what damage you could do to yourself!

Secondly, as frustrating as it is, unfortunately you will struggle to find anywhere that has the capacity to remove your coil right now. The NHS is exceedingly busy with CV19 and therefore only really able to perform urgent/emergency procedures.

The plus side is that it is recommended that you take 400ud of folic acid in the lead up to TTC, and now would be the perfect time to start taking the vitamins and changing anything in your diet (I.e. drinking caffeine in high amounts or yourself or partner smoking), and hopefully in the new few months they will be able to start opening up urgent appointments so you can look to have your coil removed and already will have been preparing yourself for your TTC journey smile

NotGenerationAlpha Thu 02-Apr-20 14:36:01

Mine was due to be changed in Jan but the GP couldn't get it out because the string has gone into the womb. I got a hospital appointment in March which got cancelled, and then moved to yesterday which is then again cancelled without another replacement date.

I would think I won't be able to get a new one until this is all over sad

pippong Thu 02-Apr-20 14:39:10

I’ve got the IUD implant and I’ve really had enough of the side affects now but I’m stuck with it

What side effects are you experiencing?

I've had mine in for 2 years now and its causing a few concerning problems like shooting pains in my cervix, spotting and painful cramps before my period. It's awful and I'm tempted to remove it myself.

BBrush Tue 07-Apr-20 19:19:00

Totally hear you. I'm stuck with mine and really want to get it out so we can have a second baby before I'm too old! Eeeek! Took weeks to get an appointment with GP and by the time it came around, CV19 was in full swing sad hang on in there and let's pray this doesn't drag on for too long

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