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Anyone else with long periods? Can it delay ovulation?

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Katnissx Thu 02-Apr-20 00:22:03

I have recently been diagnosed with PCOS, not on medication yet.

My last period was 21 days long, I'm now on CD46 (usual for me is 30-35). I got a high OPK CD37, next day was negative & didn't test the few days prior to CD37. This high result was just over 2 weeks after my period stopped.
So I guess I'm basically wondering if it is possible I ovulated on CD37 as my AF lasted for so long?
And therefore not due AF until next Monday?

Just weird as I am late on and had BFNs and I am trying to make sense of it and not get my hopes up that I'm pregnant! 🙈

My last few periods have been 18 days but the cycles have only lasted 30ish days and I've not been able to pinpoint ovulation with them.

Anyone had anything similar?

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OrangeJ Thu 02-Apr-20 07:38:43

Hi @Katnissx. I have PCOS too and really irregular cycles. Having PCOS gives us some funny lh readings. This cycle I bought a load of OPKs From eBay and have been testing at least once a day and the readings were all over the place - high one day, low the next, then high two days in a row, then low for a week. It’s a nightmare. For girls like us they suggest we track our BBT as well as that confirms ovulation because you will see a rise in temperature.

Last week I had a high OPK reading, tested later that day and it was peak and I had high and peak readings for 3/4 days. I had some EWCM around this time too. My temperature has been elevated since then so I know for sure that is when I definitely ovulated and the other results were just my PCOS playing games 😂

So in short...test daily (between 8am-8pm I think they say), check out your cm and track your BBT. It’s really helped me this month, but I’m in the TWW now so have yet to see if it paid off 😂

Hope that helps ☺️ X

Katnissx Thu 02-Apr-20 17:03:41

Thanks for the reply @OrangeJ, yes that why I didn't believe it at the time but now my period is so late I'm wondering if it was possible I could have ovulated that late 🤔 I also did have EWCM at the time, but yes I have had all sorts of weird and wonderful OPK results over the months 🙈 I've tried doing BBT but unfortunately my DS likes to wake me up in the early hours so it never seems to work/be accurate which is annoying!
That's really good you are able to confirm with BBT though, I wish I could find a way to make it work! Are you on any treatment for PCOS? X

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OrangeJ Fri 03-Apr-20 07:25:22

I guess if your have fairly regular cycles it might be unusual that you ovulated late, but could definitely be possible, especially if you had EWCM. This cycle I ovulated on cd55.

Aw I can imagine it’s tricky doing bbt for you. Some women will set an alarm say at 3am, (has to be after at least 4 hours of sleep) take their temp then go back to sleep. It really does remove any doubt about whether I did or didn’t ovulate.

When I went to the gp for diagnosis she just told me that it’s “very common”, “lots of women have it” and “there’s nothing you can do about it”. She didn’t offer me anything. Although I wasn’t ttc at that time I told her I wanted to be healthy for when I did want to start a family. Anyway, she didn’t offer anything and just made me feel like I wasted her time.

Now Dr. Google is my new gp 😂 I’ve decided I actually really want to conceive without medical help now anyway (probably just an f u to the gp 😝) but there’s quite a few natural supplements you could look at - myo-inositol and agnus castus are a couple I know about. Maybe have a little look at those and also a low GI diet is said to really help.

Someone else might come along with advice re your long periods 😊 Xx

Katnissx Fri 03-Apr-20 20:21:25

@OrangeJ Thank you so much for the detailed reply, it's really helpful 😄
I hadn't thought about setting an early alarm, that may work! I think I will try it next cycle and see how I get on.
Thank you, I have looked at those supplements and have been considering starting them. I have an appointment for referral to gynaecology next month so thought I may hold off till then to start anything incase I need any more bloods or anything so it doesn't mask my issues. Well that's if the appointment still goes ahead!
How long have you been TTC for?

Interesting to hear you ovulated CD55. I have had a few blood flecks in my CM today so now in a limbo of, is it implantation bleeding (timing would be right if I did ovulate on the 23/24th) or is it AF on her way?! 🙈🙈 I guess time will tell!! Xx

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Katnissx Tue 05-May-20 12:40:13

Just thought I would update in case anyone is interested in future- it turned out I ovulated approx 5 weeks into my cycle (so around CD38) and the blood flecks I mentioned in my last post above was implantation bleeding as I got a BFP a few days later 🥳

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OrangeJ Tue 05-May-20 14:29:35

Aw @Katnissx that’s amazing! Huge congrats!! 🥳

Katnissx Tue 05-May-20 15:20:09

@OrangeJ Thank you very much 🥰 I'm coming up to 8 weeks now 😄

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