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4 Days Late and BFN!

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yoomoo Tue 31-Mar-20 20:22:50

Hi all,

I know there’s bigger things in the world to worry about right now but just looking for a bit of advice.

AF was due last Friday, I usually get spotting the day before so was expecting this on Thursday but nothing. Took a test on Sunday and it was stark white! I did use clearblue digital OPK and had lots of smiley faces but ran out of sticks before I got a peak so I guess I could’ve ovulated late or not at all.
My question is how long should I leave it before I call the GP for maybe some medication to induce my period? Realise they are super busy at the moment so I can use a Private GP if my usual GP isn’t contactable. I normally get sore boobs a few days after ovulation but this time I didn’t get them until around 10 days after when I thought I ovulated (based on previous cycles!) so now wondering if I ovulated late. I did have weird stomach pains on 22nd March which looking back could’ve been ovulation so that would put me at 9DPO.

Does anyone have any experience? It’s all so confusing, always been lucky with 28 day cycles so this is baffling me and I’m not sure what to do! I was thinking I will take another test on Friday when I’m a week late and I’d still negative then I will contact a doctor for further advice.

Thank you for reading, experiences welcome smile

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