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1dpo anyone else starting TWW?

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Lily2020 Mon 30-Mar-20 14:01:55

Im so very impatient!!

Lmac2018 Mon 30-Mar-20 14:03:35

I'm not really in the TWW, but I was 3 days late to my period and brown discharge started, I thought it was my period but now it's pretty much stopped and it's only been about 3 days

Lily2020 Mon 30-Mar-20 14:12:43

@Lmac2018 Oooh that’s so exciting, How long have you been TTC? Have you tested?

Lmac2018 Mon 30-Mar-20 14:14:55

We haven't officially started trying, we were going to try after my birthday which is in April. But we then decided not to start trying until this whole virus thing passes

Rainbow1991 Mon 30-Mar-20 14:27:34

Can I join please? Im 1DPO today and once again I'm telling myself I'm going to try and not symptom spot, but its so damn hard not to! Also incredibly inpatient and just want to know!!

Lily2020 Mon 30-Mar-20 14:51:19

@Rainbow1991 I know I'm the same! How long have you been TTC? This part is the worst bit, harder now we're on lockdown, too much time to overthink!

Snapper81 Mon 30-Mar-20 15:03:08

2DPO here. The TWW is bad enough normally but on lockdown it's even worse! There's not much else to think about confused

Rainbow1991 Mon 30-Mar-20 15:04:15

We’ve been trying for 18 months; with sadly a few MM & CP.
This year we said we would just try not to be so obsessive with it and I’ve stopped using OPK’s and just going off CM past few months as it was really taking over.
That being said of course I want to be Pg, but have concerns now with Covid19 & all the restrictions 😫. But yes like you said, feels like we have sooo much more time on our hands to wonder/ symptom spot! How long have you been TTC?

Lily2020 Mon 30-Mar-20 15:40:32

Ah I'm sorry to hear that you've had such a rough time of it!sad we've been trying for baby #2 for 3 months now, so not long in the grand scheme! Just so desperate for it to happen but like you say now also very worried with the whole pandemic situation confused

Lmac2018 Mon 30-Mar-20 15:42:13

My period has literally completely stopped, I'm so confused. Anyone had implantation bleeding?

popcorndiva Mon 30-Mar-20 15:46:10

2 dpo for me. Think this lockdown is making the tww worse. How do i distract myself ?

Rainbow1991 Mon 30-Mar-20 15:48:41

@Lily2020 I know how you feel. I just want to know already. Being in this ttw is rubbish anyway because it feels like forever, but now with being at home it makes the wait feel even longer. My mind is already overthinking everything!

@Lmac2018 When did you last have a period?

@Snapper81 I know exactly how you feel. This is going to be such a long two weeks isn't it? how long have you been TCC?

Lmac2018 Mon 30-Mar-20 15:59:21

27th of February, and it was 7 days long but this one seems to be literally Brown discharge so I'm not sure. Hardly on a pad and just really when I wipe now...

Lily2020 Mon 30-Mar-20 16:08:19

@Lmac2018 how long Is your cycle usually? If you're sure it's not AF have you done a test?

Lily2020 Mon 30-Mar-20 16:09:34

@popcorndiva I know it makes it so much worse being cooped up with nothing else to think about! But we're all in it together smile

Lmac2018 Mon 30-Mar-20 16:23:36

I did a test but it was negative but if it was implantation, you have to wait a few days after it finishes to test... my periods are usually very heavy and painful and is 7 days long exactly. Anywhere between 24-28 days with the 1 30 day period a few months ago

Cloudmtb Mon 30-Mar-20 16:24:18

Potentially 1 day PO. Can’t be sure because I ran out of ovulation tests and have ovulated pretty regularly in the past. Wish I had now though just to be sure - will do for next cycle if we decide to try again next month!

sojo44 Mon 30-Mar-20 19:29:54

I think my OV day is today/tomorrow.
So fingers crossed I should be 1DPO soon! (Irregular cycles so who knows 🤷‍♀️)
Would love to join!

Snapper81 Tue 31-Mar-20 09:55:51

3dpo today and trying to distract myself...yet found myself on here so I'm obviously not succeeding haha!
Think I'll go for a walk later. Did a 5k run a few days ago bit now reading that that might not be good for implantation. Any thoughts on exercise during tww?

@Rainbow1991this is out first cycle after a miscarriage in february. I was 8 weeks along. I also have a 2 year old DD. Both previous pregnancies I got pregnant from the first cycle but I'm not holding my breath this time...I'm not sure one person can have that much luck!

Lily2020 Tue 31-Mar-20 11:44:48

@Snapper81 I'd say your fine to exercise as long as not doing anything new! I went for a run yesterday did 3km & nearly died blush not done anything for a month or so but lockdown is driving me insane. Going for a long walk later blow away the cobwebs! I feel your pain with the waiting, 2dpo & it's already dragging so much!!

Snapper81 Tue 31-Mar-20 12:23:07

@Lily2020 tbh, I haven't exercised properly for a good 6 months. I've just done a 5k power walk instead, which was actually only 7 minutes longer than my attempt at a run the other day. Not fit!! Think I'll stick to gentler exercise till I get AF or BFP!

Rainbow1991 Tue 31-Mar-20 13:22:53

So much for being ' sensible' this month. I'm only 2DPO and already googling everything and my mind is gone into overdrive. Being inside is driving me mad. I'm not going crazy on the exercise this month; last month I was going to the gym much more and trying to loose some weight but this month I'm just sticking to lots of walks. Being outside does wonders for my mental health too.
That being said I know im going to be obsessing over every ' symptom' I think I may have. At least we are all in this together!

Lottieloux Tue 31-Mar-20 16:42:42

Hi ladies 2dpo going by ewcm and positive opk on Saturday.
For me this is 2nd cycle after mc and already want this tww to be over!

Lily2020 Tue 31-Mar-20 19:49:20

@Rainbow1991 I know it's so hard not to overthink everything! I've ordered some more FRER tests today even though I said I wouldn't!! 

@Lottieloux I've got my fingers crossed for you!!

Rainbow1991 Tue 31-Mar-20 20:24:02

@Lily2020 you're not the only one to order some today!! Haha.
So much for behaving myself this cycle!
Although ( and I know it's far too early) I have had some twinge like pain on my left side, so keeping an eye on that. Just awful having to wait isn't it?

How are the rest of you girls feeling today?

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