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Advice/chemical pregancies/vitamin doses

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MissJade27 Mon 30-Mar-20 12:03:04

hello all, looking for any advice or guidance I can get! I feel absolutely clueless at the moment!

So I'll keep it short. TTC for about 5 months. Cycle has been around 30 - 32 days for whole adult life! Never had any issues, no heavy periods or irregular periods. Always been like clockwork. Had a chemical pregnancy in the month of Feb, which was a really odd cycle, ovulated very late and period was late (about cd45). Had multiple faint positives which then ended in strong period cramps and bleeding for 4 days. I chalked it down to being one of those things and tried again.

I now think I may have had another chemical this month. Had identical symptoms to last month but didn't want to disappoint myself with testing early so waited until I was one day past expected period. Thought I saw a super faint line, which then ended in strong period cramps and bleeding again a day later. Felt very much the same as the previous month.

So now im guessing there may be some kind of issue (unless its just bad luck). I've been researching and have come to realise I seem to ovulate quite late, sometimes cycle day 24/25. Which then means I have short LP, which I'm understanding can then lead to egg not fertilizing properly, causing a chemical? Like I said I'm a bit clueless!

So have looked it up and have seen this could be due to progesterone, or a lack of. I decided to buy some Vitamin B6, as I've heard good things about this increasing your LP. I've started taking 50mg daily to start. I've also requested a blood test from GP to check B12 levels, as I've heard this can also affect fertility? And I do have quite a few symptoms of a possible deficiency (think I've had a deficiency before but cant quite remember how much!?

So after that waffle, my question is, I'm taking seven seas trying to conceive tablets (which I've been taking for about 4 months), but I feel like I'm maybe not getting everything my body needs from them. So I've purchased some Vitamin B complex (I'll try and add pictures of doses). Would I be ok to continue taking my seven seas prenatal as well as these Vitamin B complex, as well as B6 50mg daily? Or is that too much?

Also any advice or positivity regarding chemical pregnancies would be great! I'm interested to hear other peoples stories/advice.

Thanks in advance! (smile)

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Fizzl Mon 30-Mar-20 14:39:19

Hi @MissJade27 I'm so glad you've asked this question! I had a MMC in nov and I had surgery early dec. My cycles have become a little shorter since getting back into a normal pattern again - they're now regular 27-28day cycles whereas they were almost always 29-31days roughly. I've now had a minor panic about by luteal phase as I don't ovulate until day 17-18. On a whim I've just purchased some high strength vit b complex tablets to try and lengthen this slightly but was also wondering if I can take alongside pregnacare. I've also read mix things about whether you should stop taking them once you get a BFP.

Sorry I can't help, but you're not alone in wanting to know the answer! 💐

MissJade27 Wed 01-Apr-20 17:59:52

thanks for replying @Fizzl. Its nice to know someone else out there is thinking the same thing! Sounds like you've had a rough time of it with your miscarriage, to have to go through surgery must have been really difficult. I've heard good things about the Vitamin B6 so can only hope it helps towards getting a lengthier LP! I seem to ovulate quite randomly at the moment, sometimes around day 23/24, which means I definitely wont be having the best chance of implantation. I've taken my pre-natal, B6, a dispersible vitamin c tablet and am also going to start Magnesium this eve as I've been told this can help relax the uterus and help prevent contractions/miscarriages. I think you should be fine taking B6 alongside prenatal like I am, maybe just check there's no B6 in you prenatal so your not taking too much? I also think your meant to continue the prenatals until 12 weeks, but I'm unsure about the B6. But I'm clueless so don't rely on me lol. Hopefully someone might be able to give us some more advice!

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DeeAn Wed 15-Apr-20 11:24:01

Hi ladies - I'm literally going through the same thing @MissJade27 this month I'm purchasing B6 vitamins to take alongside my prenatals but not because my LP is short - I actually have a good LP 16 days - but my cycles average 35-38 - Anyways to get to the point I've had 2 consecutive Chemicals but one was later than my first - at 4 weeks 4 days I was devastated- I'm supposed to be 5 weeks today so it really hit me hard ... I've never had issues with my periods only last year when I was getting married and under soooo much stress they were super late but it all regulated itself this year and I've never had pain and just heavyish flow first 2 days of it - so I'm due to ovulate end of this month hoping the B6 helps (I did so much investigating after this CP) and let's see what happens! Would be good if we could keep posted on our outcome! I feel so alone with this all and it's always comforting to know that someone knows exactly how this feels daffodil

MissJade27 Mon 20-Apr-20 13:20:50

Hi @DeeAn, its good to hear from someone else who is having the same thoughts as me! Although I'm sorry for anyone going through this situation. I can understand what you mean about the chemical pregnancies, they really hit you hard. I don't think a lot of people understand as they see it as being a late period and not a full miscarriage, but it certainly feels like it is. Its so frustrating when you want to know what you can do to make sure it doesn't happen again. Like you I have started taking the B6 as well as B complex and prenatals. But it seems I have ovulated very late again yesterday (CD27) or so my OPK's are showing, so I'm not sure how this will affect my LP again. The last three months cycles have been the weirdest of my life. I used to think I was super regular but since TTC my cycles have become longer and more weird. Hoping I don't come on my period when I should as LP will definitely be too short. Although this month has felt like a right off anyway, I have been suffering badly with anxiety and have been very stressed with work, which probably hasn't helped matters! Would love to keep updated though with you both! Good luck this cycle x

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DeeAn Thu 30-Apr-20 00:28:52

Hey @MissJade27 I hope your LP managed to stretch long enough? ... I ovulated earlier this cycle and so glad I realised coz it was literally 4/5 days earlier than my previous months ... but it's weird coz I'm also not feeling very hopeful - maybe just the anxiety from last month kicking in .... so sorry to hear you have been so stressed and I hope it's all settled down - I've been made furloughed so I'm hoping all this time to myself will help ... fingers crossed for u! I have changed a couple of things this month - focusing a lot more on exercise eating really well and keeping calm - let's see x

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