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Irregular periods

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Dede23 Sat 28-Mar-20 17:19:26

Trying for a baby but I have super irregular periods! Sometimes they are 6/7 days late and sometimes longer! Very rarely they come maybe a day or 2 early. Will this effect my chances of getting pregnant? I haven’t been on any contraception now for about 3 years. Any advice will be greatly appreciated!!

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Mycrazylife85 Sat 28-Mar-20 17:57:23

Sorry but my irregular was anything between 37 days and 87... 😂 I can ok boy suggest you invest in OPKs and temp (the latter is important to determine if you've actually ovulated) other than that I'd say not to worry. It sounds quite 'normal' really, even stress, exercise and weight can effect your cycles. The most important element is that you know if you are ovulating. Good luck

Mycrazylife85 Sat 28-Mar-20 17:58:03

Can *only sorry

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