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TTC after missed miscarriage

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Sallyjo27 Fri 27-Mar-20 13:12:16

Hi ladies, I had a missed miscarriage in feb I was 9 weeks although heart stopped beating at 7. I’ve had my first period now and can’t wait to start ttc again, although I feel given the current situation maybe we should hold off? Is anyone still ttc?

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Fizzl Fri 27-Mar-20 13:27:58

Hi @Sallyjo27 there's a few of us who have been through similar over on the ttc after miscarriage threads. I had a MMC in November and just started ttc again in March. We've not been successful this month and now thinking we might wait but that's down to our circumstances and me requiring more hospital appointments and us both being 'key workers' and unable to isolate. For me I think the stress and anxiety will be too much on top of what is already going to be a nerve wracking pregnancy. It seems quite mixed at the minute over on the other thread between people waiting and people continuing though. All the best whatever you decide thanks

ladymary86 Fri 27-Mar-20 17:55:46

Hi Sallyjo,

Sorry for your loss.

I had a MMC in 2014. I go pregnant with my DS on the first cycle I had after it. There isn't any real reason to wait if you feel ready. Good luck!!

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