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Month 4 on TTC and feeling meh!

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Mrsjones30 Thu 26-Mar-20 17:58:51

Obviously there is more in this world to feel rubbish about at the moment. And I understand people have been trying a lot longer then me and I do apologise if this offends but I feel rubbish!
I came off the implant in December and have been tracking my ovulation to a tee since.
I am 10dpo and have only used cheap eBay tests but still no line.
I’m 6 days away from my period so I know deep down it’s a little early especially for those tests but I’m so desperate for some good news.

My honeymoons been cancelled we have a family member with cancer and with all this misery in the world right now
I just need some good news
Something to get excited about 🙄

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Carol1980 Thu 26-Mar-20 23:07:52


My husband and I are ttc number 2 we've properly been trying for about 2/3 months now.

I don't think your silly at all to be thinking about it, your right we need something else to keep our minds off the madness of the covidiots out there x

I'm happy to chat if you want a ttc buddy ?
I'm on cd9 and according to Ovia I'll be in my fertile period in about 1 day x

I use the ovulation kits, I usually buy the cheapie ones as well as the clearblue ones, I'm trying to be as relaxed as I can this month about it all.

I'm still at work through the madness, although working part time and I would soooooooo welcome a chat with someone who isn't consumed by all of the madness !!

Mrsjones30 Fri 27-Mar-20 07:23:10

A ttc buddy would be so nice 🥰
Me and my husband are also Tttc baby number 2. I have a daughter from a previous relationship and he has a son. But they are both 8 & 9 so I'm ready to have a baby around the house.

I have been tracking my ovulation with the clear blue digital tests and the famous cheap eBay sticks too.

I am on cycle day 22 and am 11dpo

Due to test again this morning but it is a little early still 🙄

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Beau20 Fri 27-Mar-20 08:07:44

We've just gone on to cycle 8 and I can tell you, no matter how many cycles you've tried 3,8 or 12 it's just as horrible. I am actually getting less and less disappointed every month now as I know it's not going to happen.

I also had the implant, only had it for 11 months and my cycles just haven't gone back to normal. I have a bang on 28 day cycle but I ovulate realllyyyyy late!!! Around CD18-20 so my luteal phase is way too short to support a pregnancy. I conceived right away last time, 3 years ago after the pill and I'm 28.

As hard as it is, the only advice I can give is seriously chill out about it all. TTC has taken over my life, googling every symptom, problem, new things to try, vitamins, timing sex. I use 4 yes 4 fertility apps. I tracked nothing last time so from now on 'trying' is going out the window and hopefully nature will take its course! TTC has actually become an awful horrible chore for us 😂🙈 don't let it do the same to you xx

Willow146 Fri 27-Mar-20 08:54:42

I’m also ttc number 2. I conceived my son (and a mc pregnancy) first times trying and now onto cycle 5 trying for number 2 so I’m deflated and keep having waves of panic something is wrong. Cycle is regular and I get positive opks every month. It’s so so hard x

Carol1980 Fri 27-Mar-20 09:04:17

I've said it before in the past, getting pregnant feels like a freaking science experiment 🤣🤣

Carol1980 Sun 29-Mar-20 11:08:04

So what's the situation ?

Mines is that I seem be be ovulating already ! Cd12 and got the flashing smily yesterday morning, the instruction say you can test more than once per day if you get this so decided to do another test at 9pm and got a static smiley on the clear blue, so looks like I'll be ovulating within the next 24/48 hours apparently !

Willow146 Sun 29-Mar-20 14:21:28

Fingers crossed for you!! I hope this turns out to be your month

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