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Progesterone level

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Dancingfairydreams Tue 24-Mar-20 21:04:56

1 nmol/l is the shitest of the shit isn't it?!

How can I improve this?!

Was due first apt with gynaecology in april but obviously that's been cancelled at present

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Trying2019 Tue 24-Mar-20 22:03:21

Did you track ovulation? Could be you dod the test at the wrong time? X

Dancingfairydreams Wed 25-Mar-20 01:55:16

I've tried opks in the past but have never had a sniff of a second line. I track cm & other symptoms along with my periods. I'm going to try bbt but I'm a crap sleeper so understand this may not be accurate. The blood test was done 8 days before the start of my period so only one day 'out' but GP doesn't see that a problem.

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paintfairy Wed 25-Mar-20 10:30:38

What are your symptoms with the low progesterone, if you don't mind me asking?

Dancingfairydreams Wed 25-Mar-20 10:55:11

Hi, dont mind you asking, I have low mood, depression & anxiety &massive mood swings (poor DP!), fatigue, sugar cravings, brain fog where I sometimes just cannot think of what I want to say, plus period irregularities.

I have been diagnosed PCOS, with very heavy painful periods and irregularity, a high BMI, high testosterone & a charming lady beard. GP has referred to gynaecology with query symptoms of endometriosis too. Been off the pill since january 2018.

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Luan82 Thu 26-Mar-20 16:54:02

Hi @Dancingfairydreams - hope you don't mind me wading in on this but I've just come off from a call with the docs , evidently my progesterone level on the 21 day bloods is too low suggesting annovulation (level was 21.5!) they have suggested another test but I'm somewhat confused as I had an LH surge at the usual time this month - my AF was just a day late and I was experiencing quite a bit of discomfort on my right side during ovulation- could it be that I didn't ovulate or that I did but my body isn't producing enough of the right hormones? As you're going through the same thing I'd really appreciate your view On this ! smileXx

Beau20 Fri 27-Mar-20 19:45:39

Hey op, I'm sorry to say it but that progesterone figure means you aren't ovulating/didn't ovulate that cycle. The fact that you don't get a 2nd line on an OPK also confirms this. Do you get this every cycle?

So for you it's not your progesterone that you need help with, it's ovulation. I'm surprised your GP didn't tell you it was an anovulatory cycle when you got your results...

A Natural remedy to induce ovulation is soy isoflavones (supposed to be natural clomid). If you never ovulate in all your cycles your gp would need to prescribe fertility meds to help this along.

Alternatively as someone has said you aren't tracking your cycles correctly at the right time... do you hade regular cycles?

Beau20 Fri 27-Mar-20 19:46:44

@Luan82 that's weird because my day 21 bloods (taken at the right time) was 19 and she said 100% confirmed ovulation...

Dancingfairydreams Sun 29-Mar-20 23:36:12

Hey @Beau20 thanks for your reply. Tbh the GP was honest & said this area wasn't his strong point so just said it was indicative of not ovulating but advised waiting till my gynaecology appointment.

My cycles vary but the test was taken in a period of months of 28/29 day cycles. The test was taken 8 days before my period so GP said would have been in the range for accurate testing.

I will look into the natural remedy you mention, thank you kindly.

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Luan82 Wed 01-Apr-20 15:43:45

@Beau20 how odd!! They have asked me to come in for a retest and said the result is inconclusive and may have been taken at the wrong time but she said it suggested I hadn't ovulated - might do some digging on what that level actually means because if I'm honest I have every single other symptom of ovulation actually happening at the predicted time !! (Will keep you up to date on what they say after the next round of bloods !) fingers crossed ! X

Beau20 Wed 01-Apr-20 16:00:03

@Luan82 Everything online suggests levels above 5-10 are ovulatory cycles and anything less than 5 would be an anovulatory cycle so god knows why they told you 21.5 is anovulatory...

I was told mine at 19 was low but 'very likely ovulation occurred' plus like you, I have all the symptoms of ovulation

It makes you wonder how so many GPs can have such different ideas of what's good or bad

Luan82 Wed 22-Apr-20 08:31:39

@Beau20 absolutely !! I think you're right, that all docs seem to have different info - not great for us!! Incidentally my second bloods from the following month came back at 25.5 so am improvement - I'm now five days late but negative tests so just keeping everything crossed 🤞🏼

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