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Help! Am I pregnant or not??? I can't get a test!

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Leanneje Tue 24-Mar-20 07:37:35

Hi. Thank you for reading
I posted the following thread a couple of days ago but didn't get much of a response as I think everyone is preoccupied and worried at the moment (understandably)
It's now CD35 and my bleeding and brown discharge has stopped. Can anyone help? I can't get out to get a pregnancy test!
I wondered if it was a chemical pregnancy but the tests I used have given people false positives (poss evap lines)

Previous post:
I'm on CD33 and have had spotting, both red and brown since day 30. I tested on CD30 with a Tesco Freedom cheapie and had a v faint line. See picture. I started spotting later that day and after a bit of googling, discovered that these tests a known for false positives and assumed is come on. But it's never come to anything.
I can't get out to buy a better test as we're not allowed right now- especially as I'd have my 22m daughter with me.
Any ideas?
I'm 43 so wonder if peri menopausal

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kirinm Tue 24-Mar-20 08:40:36

You can order online so I'd do that.

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