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Took last pill Nov. Last Period Jan. Now nothing.

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J2020m Mon 23-Mar-20 14:29:22

I was wondering the steps people take in investigating amenorrhoea when trying for a baby. I came off my pill (combined) in November. Had my 'fake' period December. I then had a late period in January and have had nothing since.

I have had 2 lots of bloods and all hormone levels have come back normal.

I am aware this isnt s huge amount of time but I have always been regular prior to this so feeling worried.

Can anyone guide me on next steps and when to take them?


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bluebell94 Mon 23-Mar-20 15:23:22

Not a very helpful answer but just wanted to share - I came off the combined pill in September after being on it for 11 years. My cycles were very long - around 60-70 days between periods. It just takes some people a while to get back to normal, lots of people on here have ended up with long, irregular periods when coming off the pill. I think you have to wait at least 6 months before investigating further normally as it seems quite common unfortunately x

Wanderlust21 Mon 23-Mar-20 15:27:06

I came off mine last dune. Periods still keep vanishing for months on end. Maybe had 4 over the last 10 months. If even.

Side note, you arent honestly trying for a baba right now surely?!

Give it a year and if things arent regular again, see a doc.

Wanderlust21 Mon 23-Mar-20 15:29:28

*june lol

J2020m Mon 23-Mar-20 16:43:38

I thought this was the case. Just thinking about if it does get that far, what options might be as nothing has shown up on bloods.

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J2020m Mon 23-Mar-20 16:46:51

@Wanderlust21 I am not looking for opinions on whether I am right or not for trying right now, thank you. I am purely looking for advice of what steps people have taken.

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