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Blood and brown but faint +ive

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Leanneje Mon 23-Mar-20 07:46:31

@Ullupullu thanks so much fir your reply. unfortunately if you read the reviews on the freedom tests, lots of people have had positive results whilst getting negative on others. Possibly strong evaporation lines. I guess I'm just hoping

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Ullupullu Mon 23-Mar-20 07:25:02

You can't get a fake positive. But maybe it's too early to test and it didn't "stick" - the hormones remain but it was not viable. You'll know in a few days.

Leanneje Mon 23-Mar-20 07:17:47

Hi. Thank you for reading
I'm on CD33 and have had spotting, both red and brown since day 30. I tested on CD30 with a Tesco Freedom cheapie and had a v faint line. See picture. I started spotting later that day and after a bit of googling, discovered that these tests a known for false positives and assumed is come on. But it's never come to anything.
I can't get out to buy a better test as we're not allowed right now- especially as I'd have my 22m daughter with me.
Any ideas?
I'm 43 so wonder if peri menopausal?

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