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Is this a positive test?

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savethewales Fri 20-Mar-20 11:00:44

Morning all,

I'm bloody going mad. I did a test on a whim there as I've had heartburn and nausea feeling for days, my wee was not the strongest.

I feel like I can see a super faint line. I ovulated 8 days ago, confirmed using a ovulation strip. I don't know if I'm seeing things, I had a miscarriage last month so it could just be that I really want it. I'm terrified, especially the way the world is at the moment.

Any input would be nice, please be kind x

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Feelthefear01 Fri 20-Mar-20 11:10:44

Mine where that faint when I first tested positive around 5 days before period, so fingers crossed for you. I then became obsessive and tested every other day just to see the line get darker as like you I really wanted it following 2 early miscarriages in the 6 months previous. Now 19 weeks with what I feel is my miracle baby, although climbing the walls due to social distancing. Do you have any more tests that you can do in a couple of days time??

savethewales Fri 20-Mar-20 11:13:04

Thank you for your reply. It's so faint I had to move it around to see it properly in certain lights. I have quite a few more tests, I bought them from Amazon last time I was pregnant so I'll definitely see if anything develops in a few days. Congratulations on your little miracle, wishing you a wonderful and safe pregnancy in these crazy times x

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Feelthefear01 Fri 20-Mar-20 11:16:51

Thankyou. I was the same with my test, my partner didn't believe me as he couldn't see it. I will keep everything crossed for you and please let me know how you get on. X

Safiyah2020 Fri 20-Mar-20 11:18:12

I wouldnt trust those tests. I've had loads of faint lines and never been pregnant with them. Get a frer.

savethewales Fri 20-Mar-20 12:43:23

I actually had a frer from last time. I've just taken that and the image is attached.

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GinaCarbonara Fri 20-Mar-20 12:47:25

Well that's a clear positive! Congratulations

savethewales Fri 20-Mar-20 12:50:57

Thank you for replying GinaCarbonara! I am shitting myself.

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GinaCarbonara Fri 20-Mar-20 13:21:21

It's much clearer than mine today which I think I've tricked myself into thinking something is there!

savethewales Fri 20-Mar-20 13:22:50

I can definitely see something; are you early too?

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GinaCarbonara Fri 20-Mar-20 13:38:01

According to my app I'm one day late, but I can't be sure as my cycles are normally all over the place, I have PCOS.

Like you trying not to freak out with the extra uncertainty at this time!

savethewales Fri 20-Mar-20 13:53:59

Fingers crossed for a good pregnancy journey for you. I'm terrified of miscarrying again but trying to just switch off - haven't told my husband as kind of want to pretend it isn't happening just yet.

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GinaCarbonara Fri 20-Mar-20 14:12:58

Same to you, I've miscarried before as well. I hope everything goes smoothly for you thanks

Aims21 Sun 22-Mar-20 01:34:19

Thats a possitive for sure. All my bfp have looked like that. Congrats

YellowFlower22 Sun 22-Mar-20 09:53:16

Many congrats!

savethewales Mon 23-Mar-20 10:22:35

Morning everyone, thank you so much for your replies. I've been trying to see if it developed, which I don't think it did in my last pregnancy. I got a pregnant 1-2 weeks on a clearblue this morning which seems about right, the strip tests are slowly getting darker and my first response is pretty much the same as yesterday. I am completely terrified. When should I speak to the doctor? I kind of don't want to tell anyone too soon :/ I've got a kind of slight cramp on my left side; which could also be as I'm constipated and my jeans are digging in haha.

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Feelthefear01 Tue 24-Mar-20 07:44:42

They won't get darker each day, it's every 2 -3 days I found. Tell your GP as soon as you feel you want to. I want to my GP straight away just because of the anxiety I was feeling. She was so lovely and booked me in for a 6 week reassurance scan.

savethewales Tue 24-Mar-20 09:34:43

Thanks Feelthefear01, I'm very anxious after my miscarriage last time but trying to be positive. My GP has referred me to the midwife rather than directly to them as I met my doctor and he gave all of the advice in January. I'm hoping that something happens soon as 12 weeks seems a long time away!

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Aims21 Tue 24-Mar-20 09:55:01

Hi im sorry to just jump in on ur post its the only way i no how to upload pictures im new to this and adding my own thread it wont give me the option on adding a picture lol. Im in the same kind of boat im 4 days "late" on irregular periods. Dtd 11 days before period was due, painful boobs, constipated when i never am and tired is not the word.
I did a first test first morning wee yesterday but i put the strip on window cill thinking it was flat, walked off to wait the asking time to keep distracted, chucked my morning urine cleaned up ect. Came back to it, noticed it was on its side it was negative...soon as i turned it flat the urine started to soke in again and it came up with a very faint positive line. I ran out to shop to get another test and came back and done another this one was neg. I didnt see a line any way. So would u mind helping me

Feelthefear01 Tue 24-Mar-20 10:06:22

Aims21 I would wait a couple of days and then take another test, @savethewales, I really do understand how it feels, I was exactly the same and doing a test daily for up to about 3 weeks just to see them get darker. Unfortunately if you are anything like me you be anxious throughout the whole pregnancy.

savethewales Tue 24-Mar-20 10:13:12

Hi Aims21, I'm completely new to the whole thing too so don't worry! I'd maybe go and get a different brand like first response when you test in a few days like Feelthefear01 suggested.

It's horrendous isn't it, I'm overthinking everything. Convinced the cramps mean AF is actually on route, my sore boobs come and go so I'm convinced it's already gone. It's going to be a long 12 weeks, especially on lock down! Thanks for your help. Did yours do the same when you tested daily? xx

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Feelthefear01 Tue 24-Mar-20 10:34:34

Yup. I wish I had a pic to send you, I had about 2 weeks worth lined up on my table at one point.
My first two early misscarages (5 weeks) the line never really darkened, but this pregnancy it did every 2 - 3 days which I think is in line with the hormones produced. I did have a bleed with this one at 6 weeks over Christmas and convinced I was going to have a loss, but turned out to be implantation bleed. I've also had a couple of massive bleeds that have turned out to be hematomas. I then found out I have cervical ectropion that has caused me to spot all through the pregnancy. I should be used to blood by now but still panic every time I see it, cry, refuse to get out of bed and demand my partner take me for a private scan (he doesn't take me) I also get lots of weird and wonderful pains, again I panic each time and feel like it's all over. I tell you all this just to reassure you that feeling nervous and worried is normal, especially with first pregnancy, following a MC. Also that anything that does happen such as bleeding and cramping and any loss of syptoms (never had painful boobs and they are still the same size confused ) does not always been something horrendous has happened. Just tell me to stop if you think I'm rambling, but hopefully this has helped.

savethewales Tue 24-Mar-20 10:51:22

Honestly feelthefear you've really helped. Today I feel like I could cry at any moment, I'm so completely anxious about it all. I had a dream last night that my OH left me 8 weeks after our wedding for someone else and I've been in a foul mood since haha.
I'm hoping it doubles tomorrow and that all is well as I'm just so done in with worrying. Thank you for your kind words xxx

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Feelthefear01 Wed 25-Mar-20 20:33:46

@savethewales, how you getting on?? X

savethewales Wed 25-Mar-20 20:35:26

I'm still here, still worrying but trying to not focus on it so much. It's a wee bit tricky when there's nothing else to do!

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