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Sex last day of period is pregnancy possible

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Louian Wed 18-Mar-20 07:44:47

Sorry I'm new to mumsnet. So I'm sorry if this has been asked before I'm working my way around the website. However me and my husband wasnt careful on the last day of my period I'm on no birth control we just normally use barrier method. He thinks it's impossible for me to be pregnant however we went on holiday a week later and I literally needed a wee every 10 minutes every toilet we passed I went! My breast were so tender for about a week and half and then this morning sorry for tmi but when I wiped there was a spot of blood my cycle is normally 26 to 28 days and I would be due on on friday. However I've done a couple of those one step tests and all negative so half is me is pretty sure I'm not.... I'm guessing the tests would be fairly accurate at this point and it was just all coincidence and hormones. Normally I'd be laid back about all this but with the news stories etc at the moment I'd rather know one way or another!!

Thank you

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delilahbucket Wed 18-Mar-20 07:49:39

It is very possible, but you wouldn't know it or feel it a week later. Try testing after Friday if your period doesn't turn up. The only tests that can be accurate are the First Response Early Result before your period is due.

Louian Wed 18-Mar-20 07:52:13

Thanks the one step ones stated they would but the reviews that I've only just read are not fantastic. I'll wait until friday! (I'm also impatient haha!)

Thank you

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