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Fridayucas96 Tue 17-Mar-20 11:56:14

So me and my husband long term have not been using protection, I’m 25 and have fairly regular periods.
Just over 2 weeks ago I had my period it was incredibly short bright red and on and off. I get pains throughout the day too which is odd for me.
A few days later I start feeling sick and vomit 5 times. For about 4 days after I had an on and off stomach so some mornings I felt rough some evenings I did vice versa.
I did two of the Sainsbury’s test in the morning or a day after or so I vomited and both are negative.

I’m also finding it hard to lose weight and I can’t fit in clothes I had last November!
I’m worried cause I’m living like I’m not pregnant but what if I am and I endanger baby?

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UsernameUnknownn Tue 17-Mar-20 12:05:07

If you have had your period 2 weeks ago then it could be too early for a test to pick it up. So you could be pregnant.
If you think there is a slight chance you could be pregnant then all I can advise is live like you're pregnant until you either get a positive test or your period comes?

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