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When to test irregular periods! Help!

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dublino Sun 15-Mar-20 09:49:47

@Dimpious yep this is my first. How about you yeah going mad myself her sympthom spotting also. Had very tender boobs during the week but now it's just seems to be my nipples that are incredibly sensitive . Have a scratchy throat now also two days also so of course I'm putting it down to symptoms. Waking up starving also. My temps are still rising so happy with that. What about you . Any made symptoms

Dimpious Sun 15-Mar-20 09:37:55

Thanks @dublino realistically I knew I should wait a few more days but I'm so impatient too! Is this your first? I feel like I'm all doing is symptom spotting! I couldn't even finish my tea this morning due to feeling sick, nothing usually gets in the way of me and the morning cuppa!

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dublino Sun 15-Mar-20 09:18:47

@Dimpious your right around me then. One app had me at 10dpo and one has me on 9 . You would be 9 dpo so you could really start testing in a few days time. I'm gonna start from tomorrow but that's cause I'm impatient

Dimpious Sun 15-Mar-20 09:05:25

@dublino on the 6th

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dublino Sun 15-Mar-20 08:59:49

@Dimpious do you know when you ovulated ??

Dimpious Sun 15-Mar-20 07:54:25

Hello so I'm not down on all the acronyms yet so sorry for length. Third month of TTC DC2. Stopped pill in November, since then my last three cycles have been 44, 43 and 34 days. Had a chemical pregnancy during cycle one.

Feeling very nauseous and lack of appetite etc which was my whole pregnancy with DD1 but I have tested with a first response early today (so day 29) and negative.

What have others done test wise when they have such irregular cycle lengths? I feel like I could probably drive myself crazy testing potentially everyday for the next 14 or so days!

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