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FET timing after freeze all egg collection

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VenusStarr Sat 14-Mar-20 06:55:43

Hi @Charley92, I haven't started ivf yet, so can't answer, but there is an infertilty board with lots of people in a similar situation. I'd repost there and you might get more responses. Good luck

Charley92 Fri 13-Mar-20 18:08:02

Hi all,

I had my 1st egg collection on the 22nd feb and it was a freeze all due to developing OHSS. I have 2 embryos on ice, so I am waiting to start my FET. I was under the impression that I'd be able to start straight away once my period came and went (something my consultant told me straight after my egg collection)

I had an appointment with a nurse yesterday, who said that I'd have to 'wait til my next cycle' and then start on CD1. I told her that I don't have cycles on my own (hence the IVF!) so she said I'd have to wait until CD 35 and then have Provera, wait for my bleed and then start on CD1 of a provera bleed.

I think this arbitrary waiting is ridiculous....why can't I start sooner? I don't have my own hormones/cycles, so why can't I start in the next week or so? As long as my lining is thin and my ovaries are 'quiet'??

Please can other people who have been through a similar scenario shed some light on what they went through?

I've got another appointment on sunday so will try and push for them to discuss this with the consultant to try and bring it forward. I'm sick of waiting....I know I need my body to be ready in order to give the embryo the best chance etc etc ... but I don't want to be waiting around for nothing!


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