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No postive opks, am I surging?

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19CLT92 Thu 12-Mar-20 17:14:21

Hi I never get a postive opk despite testing 11am 2pm 5pm these can vary by an hour or so. But I test 3 times a day. Never seem to get a postive test I've been testing for weeks now. Anyone else got a medical condition as why they dont get a lh surge? Could I have a hormonal issue with LH? Any comments would be great! I have irregular cycles and also miss some now and then I'm not diagnosed with anything always assumed it was my weight. Trying to track my body before I go to a doctor and lose some weight x this is the darkest my opks have ever got x

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PennyArrowBar Thu 12-Mar-20 19:36:50

I am being tested for PCOS as I don't ovulate anymore and am TTC. I have multiple surges throughout the month but never actually ovulate.

If you can get to the GP and get a blood test (CD day 3 and CD day 21) then you might be able to find out what your levels are.

If you're testing multiple times a day it's probably not because you're missing the surge. How long are your cycles usually?

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