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TTC after TMFR still breastfeeding toddler

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NoCallerID Thu 12-Mar-20 13:19:10

Hi, not the nicest topic on TTC but I'm after some help....
I have a 20 months old and am still breastfeeding him, I've had a medical TMFR 11 days ago at 14 weeks. We want to try again soon and I'm wondering when my periods will return. Will my body realise no little baby came from this birth or will it hold off ovulating like I was feeding a newborn? My first period pp for my lb was 6 months after his full term birth. Has anyone been through similar? I'm guessing miscarriage around the same gestation would be similar? The thought of TTC is giving me so much hope in these dark days that I don't want to have to wait a long time again.... thank you.

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ilovemykids5000 Thu 12-Mar-20 13:35:13

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Strangerthanstrange Thu 12-Mar-20 13:39:03

Bizarre answer above. I'm sorry to hear about your TFMR. I can't see that your body would think you were feeding a newborn, when I was pg and still bf my milk dried up around 20 weeks. Friends tell me they started making colostrum around week 35. Had your milk changed?

NoCallerID Thu 12-Mar-20 13:49:19

@Strangerthanstrange thank you. It must've changed taste as the toddler kept saying 'ba' after a few seconds and then gave up - he only fed once maybe twice a day and since we had the diagnosis I think he could sense something was wrong and wanted to feed more. Even more so since the TMFR as he wants to feed a lot again, so I reckon the taste has gone back to normal and it's upped my supply again...

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Strangerthanstrange Thu 12-Mar-20 20:57:38

Have you tried contacting La Leche League or a local breasyfeeding counsellor, they might be able to advise? Or maybe ovulation tests?

NoCallerID Fri 13-Mar-20 08:04:06

I've contacted a breakfast feeding support group but they couldn't really help... I was hoping someone on here had personal experience (which obviously sounds wrong as I'd rather no one had to go through this!!) but I guess it's not very common. Might try the local BF group. Thanks for the tip.

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