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Help please? Someone to talk to :( TTC

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RMusic12 Wed 11-Mar-20 22:29:43

I've posted this before but no one replying and dying to speak to someone
Hi guys my partner and I have been trying to conceive since October last year. It's our first time.

The last couple of months I've done really well in not posting on here, not tracking ovulation, not taking pregnancy tests left right and centre. As it's been stressing me out and it was doctors orders to let it just happen

I have irregular periods, doc said everything is fine . I won't know when ovulating I've not to track and just let me body do the magic.

The last week however....(sorry if tmi)
-Major itchy nipples!!!!!
-Major brain fog to the point my partner asked what was wrong and noticed I was on a different planter.
-I got rid of a couple a few weeks back today I've been off work completely run down.
-Feeling nauseous
-very tearful , mood swings galore
-boobs feel so full
-leg cramps

Could this be a sign?

I've ordered a test it should arrive tomorrow.

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AliSxo Wed 11-Mar-20 22:56:00

Hey!! They could be signs yes, they could also be signs of just regular pms which happens a week or so before your period is due. Fingers crossed you get a positive test xx

RMusic12 Wed 11-Mar-20 23:11:09

@AliSxo Thankyou for this but since coming off the pill last October I've not take a period. Always has irregular periods so it's hard to judge. 🤕 xx

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nimsem2 Wed 11-Mar-20 23:13:32

Sounds like you could be pregnant. Good luck.

AliSxo Wed 11-Mar-20 23:51:03

Hang in there and once your test arrives use a concentrated urine sample xxx fingers crossed for you xxx

CoalCraft Thu 12-Mar-20 06:38:43

Fingers crossed you are pregnant xxxx

If not, and you still haven't had a period in the next month or so, it might be worth checking in with a Dr to make sure all's okay?

RMusic12 Thu 12-Mar-20 07:07:15

@CoalCraft already checked in with docs he said everything is fine and perfectly normal xxx my body adjusting and can still ovulate with a period he said if it's a year after coming off the pill and nothing to go see him again x

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RMusic12 Thu 12-Mar-20 07:07:42


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RMusic12 Thu 12-Mar-20 15:31:03

So took a test and it was a big fat negative.

- I'm either not pregnant
-or I am and it's too early to show

Today im back in bed feel awful and feel so nauseous 😷😓 watching tv and every time I see food I want to be sick ☹️

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