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Faint positives on one step, today negative on Clearblue! Helppp

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Lauren122 Wed 11-Mar-20 17:47:20

They look positive to me, I did a test yesterday and had a faint positive then a clear blue negative but my line was nowhere near as clear as yours and there's colour. Maybe your hcg isn't high enough for CB to detect yet? I'd test again in a couple of days

wannabemummy123 Wed 11-Mar-20 17:45:46

Hello lovely! So I had the same thing but I'm very much 20 wks pregnant lol... I was getting positives on cheap tests and even the FRER ones ... but was still getting negative on the clearblue digitals. I gave up on them. But you should know that the reason is because you're most likely very early on. The clearblue digitals need ALOT more hcg in your system to be able to pick it up then the manual tests. I'm sure you are with those tests. Maybe do a FRER Just to be positive !!

becca3256 Wed 11-Mar-20 12:16:28

My period was due on the 4th of March I took a test the next day with a one step poas and I got a very faint second line, I tested again with a one step poas the morning after that and got the same. And again I did another one step poas and got a faint line again which was slighty darker. All the second lines appeared within the 10 minute time frame and all the line are pink. Since just before my period I've had some cramping now and then which has subsided now, vvv sore boobs and feeling quite nauseated most of the time I went on to do a clear blue early test this morning and got no second line! I'm so confused, I've been trying for a baby for a year now and I thought this was it, so heartbreaking seeing that negative on the Clearblue, I didn't take a picture of the clear blue but I've put the picture of the one step tests on x

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