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Very faint line?

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LollyJ12 Wed 11-Mar-20 08:43:48

Anyone see the slightest of faint line on this? hmm

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BuffaloCauliflower Wed 11-Mar-20 11:00:20

I admire your dedication to making this line appear! I can see a shadow of something but considering all the colour changes it could just be what’s there in the test to show the line when there is one. There has to be something for the dye to go into and I think that’s what you’re seeing here. How many DPO are you?

LollyJ12 Wed 11-Mar-20 12:11:36

Thankyou I zoomed in and inverted it, when I took the test I could extremely faintly see a pink line it was that faint it was barely there. Over the weekend I had dark brown discharge and then 1 bit of light pink spot when I wiped and then I’ve had nothing since, it lasted 2/3 days on and off and I just feel really tired and have had a few headaches last night I felt extremely bloated. My cycles are irregular so it’s just guess work, I’ll attach the original photo but it’s barely there on that one x

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LollyJ12 Wed 11-Mar-20 12:13:03


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raspberryjamlove Wed 11-Mar-20 12:26:34

How many dpo are you op? X

whisper1991 Wed 11-Mar-20 12:30:53

I can't see anything at all unfortunately

OrangeJ Wed 11-Mar-20 13:25:16

I had the same thing recently. I can see a faint line on yours like I did mine. Mine turned out to be negative, but hoping yours is positive and gets stronger.

BuffaloCauliflower Wed 11-Mar-20 13:27:20

I can see the tiniest shadow, but I wouldn’t rely on it. Try and hold on and test again in a few days

Sunshinexx95 Thu 12-Mar-20 13:35:54

Did u test This morning? Mine looked like this 5 says before my period..

handbaglover93 Thu 12-Mar-20 13:43:11

I can definitely see something! Fingers crossed for you xxx

raspberryjamlove Thu 12-Mar-20 14:02:52

Yes I see a very faint line fingers crossed xx

Thekindyoufindinasecondhand Thu 12-Mar-20 14:04:32

That looks like mine did, and I'm now 6 months pregnant. Fingers crossed for you. Don't test again now or else you'll go mad, wait a couple of days x

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