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Implantation bleed and BFP?

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lucymagoo Tue 10-Mar-20 22:18:19

I'm a little concerned, I have a small amount of spotting/bleeding and it's about a week before my period is due, im about 8dpo so I got curious and took a test to see if it could be implantation bleeding.
There's a super faint line on a FRER so I was excited! Then did some more reading and it sounds like if I'm only bleeding today then a line wouldn't show as there wouldn't be enough HCG for it. I'm confused! Could it be a chemical?

Has anyone had a BFP during implantation bleeding??

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lucymagoo Wed 11-Mar-20 11:45:28

Even more confused. I took the test with the faint line apart to see it clearer and it’s definitely become more visible since, I know this makes it invalid so I took another and now I’m not sure. Going crazy, any thoughts on if the invalid one is definitely an evap? Looks too pink and strong to me

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calimommy Wed 11-Mar-20 17:14:53

Implantation is too early to test. You are v early anyway. The tests are invalid if taken apart but it looks dry anyway which also makes it invalid I'm afraid. The intact test is negative but as I suggested you are very early. Try to test closer to when AF is due.

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