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Mom121 Sun 08-Mar-20 16:12:36

Me and my partner are trying for a baby i came off my pill in October and my periods are still not regular. Any tips on how to get them regular again?

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NicoleR14 Sun 08-Mar-20 16:34:58

@mom121 I had my implant removed October last year and my period didn't return until end of November they went from being 28 day cycle to between a 31-34 day cycle I had taken pregnacare vitamins which made it worse I wasnt ovulating until CD 20-24 and af was coming cd34 all you can really do is keep track of them my gp had told me if they didn't start to get more regular within 6months they'd consider giving me a scan but they have settle down a bit now best way to keep check is by marking everything down even to the day you get any cm or twinges cramping what day everything happens at least then you can take it to your gp and they can help a bit better hopefully this helps!

Mom121 Sun 08-Mar-20 16:49:34

@NicoleR14 i have been keeping note of when they start and finish and also the days we have been having intercourse. Its a nightmare as i dont know when im ovulating. Fingers crossed they regulate soon

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NicoleR14 Sun 08-Mar-20 16:51:02

@mom121 do you use the opk sticks?

tossacoin1 Sun 08-Mar-20 16:56:20

It took me about 6/7 months for my periods to get regular so hopefully it will start getting regular for you soon. It started at about 43 days and it was going down each month until now where it's 28 days

Mom121 Sun 08-Mar-20 17:19:21

@NicoleR14 yes but every time was getting negative and they are too expensive to test every day for 3 weeks 😩

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Mom121 Sun 08-Mar-20 17:21:02

@tossacoin1 mine are slowly going down, im sitting at 36 right now. Hopefully next month comes down again. Thank you

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NicoleR14 Sun 08-Mar-20 18:33:37

@mom121 I was using the Internet cheapies 30 lasted me one full cycle and half of the next and af came on cd34 I used them twice a day everyday for about 2 and a half weeks I wasn't testing until cd14 that way it was working out better and was catching my ovulation every time

burntpinky Sun 08-Mar-20 18:35:24

Acupuncture might help. After I had my DC my periods were horrendous and anything from a 23 to a 31 day cycle and sometimes bleeding for 10 days! Had 2 seasons of acupuncture and now pregnant (and I’m 41)

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