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NHS Maternity entitlements

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namechanger1234567890 Thu 05-Mar-20 16:33:40

I've just joined the NHS (1st jan)
I know I'll be entitled to SMP but how long do I have to be working before I can fall pregnant and qualify for OMP?
Not a high earner so wondering if it would make a difference to wait?

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lunamoon1 Thu 05-Mar-20 17:08:57

I think the policy states that you must have worked for the NHS continuously for 12 months by 11 weeks before the week of your due date... so if you were due on the 6th March 2020 you'd have had to have had 12 months service by the 16th December 2019, the wording can make it quite confusing but I think it translates to that you need to have worked for them for 6 months before you can get pregnant to qualify for OMP

MGee123 Thu 05-Mar-20 18:18:06

Yes the above post is exactly right, this website explains it well:

And yes you would be better off financially if you wait a bit so you qualify for NHS mat pay (even if you are a low AfC band) - you get 8 weeks full pay and 18 weeks half pay. SMP is only 90% of earnings for first 6 weeks and then £148 per week.

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