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4 days late, negative tests

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janurosey Thu 05-Mar-20 07:00:34

Hi ladies, I'm feeling very alone and frustrated and would love some input from any others who may be going through/have gone through the same. Husband & I have been TTC#1 for 7 months now (I stopped taking the pill 8 months ago - had been on it for 10 years) so each month that goes by I'm getting a little more agitated and impatient.

My cycles have consistently been 26 days since stopping the pill except for December when it was 34 (I was so sure we were pregnant but never got that BFP). I ended up putting that down to my hormones sorting themselves out.

I'm currently on CD 31 so I'm 4 days late. I've taken 2 tests so far - 1 on CD 28 and the other CD 30 - with morning pee and both were negative. I've used OPKs on and off over the months and whenever I got positives they were around CD 16/17 (not your typical textbook 14).

I like to think we gave it a bloody good shot this month, so I was feeling hopeful. But now the lack of a positive has me feeling really letdown.

I keep feeling more wet than usual "down there" but when I wipe it's just whitish discharge. A few days ago I wiped and there was what I can only describe as a blob of cream coloured jelly (sorry 😂) but it only happened the once. I'm currently sat with a heat pack on my belly as I've got a pretty full on ache across my abdomen but still no period. I've had some pinching feelings over the last few days and feel sick/dizzy on and off but I honestly don't know if all of the symptoms (besides tummy pain) are legit or just in my head.

Might be worth noting I'd used internet cheapies to test.. I've read some reviews with this particular brand that they got negatives then a BFP with CB or FR so I've got a CB for tomorrow morning. But honestly I'm so scared of seeing that blank window again that I don't even want to test.

Apologies for the essay, just hoping any of you ladies can share your stories or words of wisdom. Thanks for reading if you've made it this far 🙂

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EnsignRoLaren Thu 05-Mar-20 08:07:24

Hi there, not sure about words of wisdom but there are plenty of similar threads on here. I’m CD37 today and had previously never had cycles longer than 29 days before (ever), averaging 26 days. Occasionally 17 or 21 days, but never longer. I’ve had pretty bad cramps for ten days now, but BFN cd32 and 35. In previous pregnancies I tested positive at cd25 and cd22! Very weird cycle here.

A lot of the threads end up with AF arriving I’m afraid. confused

janurosey Thu 05-Mar-20 08:20:50

@EnsignRoLaren that's what I'm bracing myself for, better to keep expectations low!

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janurosey Thu 05-Mar-20 08:26:28

@EnsignRoLaren hope your cycle sorts itself out too! Quite annoying when AF goes MIA 🤦🏻‍♀️

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EnsignRoLaren Fri 13-Mar-20 07:38:21

Thanks, and good luck. AF arrived for me two days ago (painful, too). 13 days later than any cycle I’ve ever had before!

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