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Implantation or start of period? Pic attached

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xstevie123x Thu 05-Mar-20 19:53:27

Thank you so much. With my second I was only off the pill a week and fell pregnant. I'll take a test in a week or so to be sure ( if I don't get my period by then ) I've still got the off cramp but my cm is sort of clear but sticky like lotion 😣 xx

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Livinginhope20 Wed 04-Mar-20 22:47:04

I would think it depends on the dates and also what kind of contraceptive pill you were on. I started the pill a few years ago and it stopped my period fully and it took 4 weeks to return. There is too much CM in that pic to suggest it would be implantation and its possibly just your body trying to establish its cycle again but i have also known of people who have stopped the pill not had a period but still got pregnant, theres no harm in testing in a few days tho

xstevie123x Wed 04-Mar-20 21:24:03

Hi. Sorry for the picture!!

I've not long been on the pill around 3/4 weeks, I was only on it for a couple of weeks then decided to start trying to have a baby..

Well, I haven't had a period since coming off the pill but I had ewcm around 7 days ago we did the deed the night before, the same night and the night after..

So yesterday went to the toilet wiped and pink was on the toilet roll so put a pad on because I thought I was coming on period..
went back to toilet later on, nothing, not even on the pad 🤔

So today before I went in shower, wiped and that was on toilet roll ( pic attached ) now a couple hours later went back to toilet, nothing again! Not even on the pad...

Could this be implantation or deffo start of my period? I've never had this sort of discharge when wiping before a period! Help 😂🙈

Thank you xxx

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