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April Bus

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Posharmchairs Wed 04-Mar-20 09:15:53

Never started a bus before.
I’m out for March as just got af and have long cycles.

Will be hoping for a bfp mid April.

Anyone want to hop aboard?

I’m ttc#2 cycle#4

Ds turning 2 this month so hoping to give him a sibling for Christmas 😁

Livinginhope20 Wed 04-Mar-20 09:41:03

Im testing mid march and really hoping for a BFP im TTC #1 cycle 6. OH has a DD 14 in aug, this buisness is soooooo hard

OrangeJ Wed 04-Mar-20 18:44:43

Hiiii! I was waiting for an April bus and I’ve found one! Yay!

I have really irregular, unpredictable cycles so am temping, and opking while waiting for ANY sign of ovulation 😅

Im 30, trying for our 1st. Today is CD32, been “not not trying” since December but this is my second cycle and I think realisation has set in that I need to ramp it up a bit rather than being so relaxed (while also trying not to stress too much! 😬)

Really hoping my temp decides to do SOMETHING soon as I’d love a December baby. My birthday’s Christmas Eve so I’m biased, but it’s the best month 😝🤞

@Posharmchairs When do you think you’re going to ovulate?

Posharmchairs Wed 04-Mar-20 19:17:22

Hi @orangej aren’t long irregular cycles fun!

I reckon around the 24th I’ll ovulate so this month is going to feel long. However I’m definitely doing opks as soon as af has finished as I think we dtd too early last month and I want to try and see where ovulation is...

Obviously you’re welcome @Livinginhope20 but hopefully you’ll be staying on the March bus to the finish line 🙂

Posharmchairs Wed 04-Mar-20 19:18:49

Also can I pick you brains about your childhood with a Christmas Eve birthday? Did you have two birthdays like the queen?

OrangeJ Wed 04-Mar-20 20:52:04

Haha! Yes @posharmchairs! Where would the fun be if we knew everything 😂

Ask away! Nope, I’ve never had two birthdays and never felt like I wanted to. I also used to know a girl born on Christmas Day even she didn’t have two birthdays! In all my life I’ve never felt like I was missing out or had to share my birthday. I’ve actually always felt like I was kind of special because of it. When I was younger I used to get presents Xmas eve, Xmas day then Boxing Day when I saw my grandparents. It was the best!! People always ask me “do you just get one set of presents?” Nobody has ever given me a joint Xmas/birthday present!

Sorry for waffling I just love my birthday! Also when you’re older people are always in a happy/festive mood and up for a party! 😜🥂

Posharmchairs Wed 04-Mar-20 21:22:07

@orangej well you’re definitely selling the Christmas due date!

Have you always had long cycles? I have always been 35-42 days but had a year of nothing before ds which was awful. Breastfeeding definitely helped regulate me again... though that’s the nicest thing I can say about the experience 😂

My ds will be 2 3/4 at Christmas so just starting to grasp the “magic”. It would be so lovely to present him with a squishy bundle.

I would really like a dd, obviously you can’t choose but it doesn’t stop me thinking one of each would be nice.

Posharmchairs Fri 06-Mar-20 05:17:11

Just bumping April if anyone is out for March.
Cd 3 for me now. Only three weeks to go until I ovulate if my cycles are being so long again !

PumpkinPie2016 Fri 06-Mar-20 05:55:54

Glad there is an April bus! We are just starting to try for number 2 but I know I am out for March as didn't decide until part way through.

Period is due on the 12th and then we'll start.

I am trying not to get obsessedgrin I have started taking folic acid though. I got pregnant quite quickly with DS but who knows what will happen this time.

Good luck everyone!

Posharmchairs Fri 06-Mar-20 06:27:40

@pumpkinpie2016 hello!

How old is your ds? Would you be looking at a late dec baby too? It’ll be nice to have some company to get us through a long month. Hopefully by the time we are getting ready to poas in April everything will feel a lot more cheerful.

OrangeJ Fri 06-Mar-20 07:09:59

@posharmchairs lol! I have PCOS and they are just so unpredictable! My last four cycles have been 67, 87, 104 and 32 days 🤦‍♀️ I started taking inositol a few weeks ago and folic acid since Jan so hoping they will help with regulating them. Gosh, a whole year! Do you have PCOS too?

Aaaw that would be lovely. We’d love to give our parents a little grandchild for Christmas.

Have you heard of the Shettles method? Although I’m not sure how much it really works 🤔

Hi @PumpkinPie2016 👋 good luck!

karenkeys Fri 06-Mar-20 07:46:48

Hi ladies, just woke with AF this morning so joining the April bus 👋🏻

TTC baby 1 and this will be cycle 3. Feeling a bit hopeless today wondering what I’ve done wrong which I know is wrong because it’s just luck most of the time!

Should be testing again at the very beginning of April.

PumpkinPie2016 Fri 06-Mar-20 07:51:17


Yes, hoping for late December!my son is 6 so it's quite a gap but haven't felt ready before now.

Fingerd crossed we all get good luck smile

Hatepickinganame Fri 06-Mar-20 07:53:54

Hey guys! Joining this one as af will defo be here tomorrow. Have aaaallll the classic pms symptoms 😂

This will be no4 for me and cycle four of not actively trying but actively obsessing haha

Fingers crossed for you all!

littletandme Fri 06-Mar-20 08:52:47

Jumping on the April bus!

Cycle 3
TTC #2

Not sure of our chances this month, hoping to continue as normal but we are on holiday with PIL in a villa over my likely fertile week!! So doing OPKs and such may prove a little difficult. Will be there CD8-15 so we will have to be stealthy about any DTD!!

Posharmchairs Fri 06-Mar-20 11:28:10

Welcome aboard!
My af is in full swing, very cautious as we have actual painters and decorators in the house and as I use reusable Sanpro I need to make sure it doesn’t look like there has been a Murder in the bathroom 🤦‍♀️.

@OrangeJ I was tested for pcos but haven’t got it. Just a really shit cycle 😂.

Anyone recommend a big opk kit I can order? I’m planning on testing for ovulation everyday as soon as af bogs off.

Sorry to those of you who’ve just hopped over from the MB cake

LRboop Fri 06-Mar-20 11:35:33

Hi! I'd love to join. I'm CD3 and TTC#1. This is my 9th cycle trying. I've PCOS but I've short cycles. Been going to acupuncture for the last month.

Christmas baby would be amazing...trying not to get my hopes up too much but I think it's impossible to be hopeful and grounded at the same time?!

Missgoldilocks Fri 06-Mar-20 11:57:43

@Posharmchairs hi!! Hi all, can I join please? Been off copper coil since April last year, actively tracking though since September. Just going through getting tests done now to make sure everything is okay. I have a son who's 8 but with a different partner. Anyway, I'm due af tomorrow or Sunday and I'm 100 percwnt sure it's coming, I've got the same af pains I get every month up to 2 days prior lol.

All my threads have gone quite quiet so I'd really appreciate joining you guys! 😘

Lilyduke Fri 06-Mar-20 12:23:47

I've not joined a bus yet but feeling particularly sad with AF arriving this morning despite thinking this could've been the month 😩 so could do with some support!
TTC #1. Both myself and DH are 29. Had my implant removed October last year but no luck yet.

karenkeys Fri 06-Mar-20 12:36:39

@Lilyduke I’m feeling quite sad too, but we need to try and keep positive. Not long until we’re back in our fertile window! Chin up 💕

Lilyduke Fri 06-Mar-20 12:41:46

@karenkeys thanks, I'm sure we will be back to normal in a few days. I'm trying to think of the positives. My cycle seems to be fairly regular now at 28 days. I had ditched the OPKs last month and just stuck to DTD every other day over my fertile week so I'm not too sure what to try this month.

karenkeys Fri 06-Mar-20 13:22:08

@Lilyduke yeah same, my husband and I were DTD every 2 days from my last AF finishing for a week and a half and I was pretty confident that was enough. Not sure whether to try more often this time. My cycle does vary from 24-28 days but it could be worse.

karenkeys Fri 06-Mar-20 13:24:44

Every second day, I should say!

ApplePie86 Fri 06-Mar-20 13:54:17

Another PCOS-er here! :-(

I'm kinda still on the March bus but if I ovulate same day as last cycle (CD35) that's not til 22nd March so I wouldn't be testing til early April anyway - although still hoping my cycles will get shorter.

Like @OrangeJ I'm also taking Inositol (plus Folic Acid and other stuff) and this will be 2nd full cycle taking it.

Lilyduke Fri 06-Mar-20 13:54:25

@karenkeys how long have you been trying? I went out last weekend and I'm now paranoid that it could've hampered our efforts. It would've been difficult for me to not drink though 😔 I had cut right back on caffeine all month and been eating healthier too. I'll try to get back on exercising this month.

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