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TTC Age 43.33 years - anyone else this old and TTC this spring?

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life0nmars Tue 03-Mar-20 22:09:57

Hello Everyone, I had a horrendous first pregnancy at 36 years old and almost died. I have been terrified to try again since. I am finally in a place where I feel ready and just wondering if any of you older members have advice/stories re: conceiving naturally in your 40s?

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Livingmagicallyagain Wed 04-Mar-20 04:42:48

Good luck! So sorry to hear you had a rough time before.

I followed the advice in It Starts with the Egg, and ensured my thyroid (TSH) levels were until 2. My AMH & AFC were very low but after my TSH levels normalised I fell pregnant immediately. Now 8 weeks and all looks good! Am early 40s.

anniettc Wed 04-Mar-20 08:14:04

Me! I'm exactly the same age as you and would love a second child but despite trying for 2.5 years it's not looking likely now. I've had 2 losses and I'm slowly becoming more accepting that it's not going to happen. I'd just love a sibling for my DS so will keep trying for the rest of this year.

Livingmagicallyagain Wed 04-Mar-20 09:03:40

Typo in my post, it should read TSH under 2!

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