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Implantation bleeding or AF??

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Ginger87 Tue 03-Mar-20 17:10:51

Hey all, I'm hoping for advice on those who've had implantation bleeding before...

I'm in month two of ttc #1, and (according to Clue) currently 11dpo (cd26), with AF due on Friday. I came off the pill at the start of Jan and had my withdrawal bleed and one proper period since then, so not 100% sure of my cycles.

I've been having heavy spotting/very light bleeding since Sunday (9dpo/cd24), along with 'pain' in my stomach, initially I thought 'yay, implantation' but now I'm not so sure - seems to be too heavy for implantation and going on too long? Similarly Sunday seems very early for AF. I also haven't felt very PMS-y, though maybe a bit today.

What do others think? Have others experienced similar?

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Lisa127 Tue 03-Mar-20 22:24:47

With second pregnancy I started bleeding on cd17, with cd1 being the first day of withdrawal bleed. Brown spotting and cramps on the Sunday turned into a reddish watery bleed, which ended on the following Thursday.

Good luck!

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