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2 day light period and twinges

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MotherofanangelAlfiesmum2018 Tue 03-Mar-20 10:18:38

Hi ladies, so I started bleeding on Saturday and it was very light but I thought it would go into full flow next day as that’s what I’m normally like I have quite a heavy flow on day 2 till day 4, I also normally have quite bad cramps but they seem to be non existent for some reason, but the flow stayed very slow and only when I was going to the toilet it was mainly coming out, the blood was light pink 1st day then like a red/brown on day 2, on day 1 I could feel twinges on my right side near pelvic/hip area and had a dull ache on my hip for 15 mins then last night after bleeding had completely stopped as I didn’t bleed at all yesterday which was weird that it just stopped I had these twinges in my left side at 11pm last night, has anyone had implantation cramps and bleeding before ? Would like to hear your stories as just wondering if this could of been implantation ? Hoping to test at the end of the week!! Thankyou x

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