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Does your past get delved into when you're pregnant?

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Stomper Thu 06-Sep-07 11:48:35

Hi everyone, I'm new to this forum and not sure if this is the right place to post this! It's a bit of a sensitive issue, but having had a nosy round it seems like it's a pretty open group of people so I hope this is ok.

I'm not pg yet, but me and hubby are hoping to start the ball rolling soon. My worry is whether my past will be a factor. Without going into detail, I had to receive couselling for an attack I was subject to when I was 18. I had a rough couple of years, was on anti-depresants for a short period and all this will be on my medical records.

I'm fine now, happily married and fully functioning (I hope!). But, I'm worried whether my past will have an impact. Can anyone shed any light on this - do they look back at your medical records, do you get asked much about your past?

I know it's a bit vague and probably makes me sound a bit odd! I'm not, honest!

Any help would be much appreciated as it's really worrying me now!



themildmanneredjanitor Thu 06-Sep-07 11:49:55

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

TotalChaos Thu 06-Sep-07 11:51:15

in my experience; they don't look at your medical records, you do get asked about past medical history etc, from the point of view of whether it's like to affect your pregnancy (i.e. they don't just delve for the sake of it) , they probably will ask about past history of mental health issues, but not in huge detail. up to you of course what you wish to divulge.

Debbiethemum Thu 06-Sep-07 11:51:50

I only got asked about previous pregnancies including terminations.

I think this really only was asked during my first appointment with the midwife at the hospital - don't know if this is relevant, so apologies if I am barking up the wrong tree

flowerybeanbag Thu 06-Sep-07 11:52:06

I got asked about previous pregnancies and births, and also my midwife went through a list of illnesses etc to see if myself, DH or any immediate family had been affected. I am pretty sure depression wasn't one of them though, only stuff like diabetes, heart problems, etc that might be genetic.

MaeWest Thu 06-Sep-07 11:52:26

They ask you medical history, and this would include depression/mental illness. I was worried about getting PND (I didn't, thank goodness) as I'd suffered depression when I was younger and talked about this with the midwife, but it was my choice to bring it up.

worzsel Thu 06-Sep-07 11:53:15

They didnt ask me anything just previous pregnancies and medical history, if it's not relevant now then it wont matter.

pooka Thu 06-Sep-07 11:54:40

When booking in, dh came with me. The midwife asked me to go and provide a sample, and took the opportunity when I was in the corridor to ask me if there were any previous ailments, pregnancies or terminations that I needed to tell her about without dh knowing.

Stomper Thu 06-Sep-07 11:57:34

Thanks so much for replying (and so quickly!). I thought it was probably a case of you divulge what you think is relevant, ubt my over-active imagination started getting carried away.

Thanks again everyone, this looks a good place to come to for advice


meemar Thu 06-Sep-07 11:58:17

As others have said, it's only really medical conditions that may affect your pregnancy that they are interested in. And those which may be hereditary and affect the baby.

They do ask about any previous pregnancies.

The other thing is that they will do blood tests some of which are hepititis and HIV, but they don't ask any sensitive questions about it, and you can refuse.

Good luck with getting pg and welcome to MN!

Squiffy Thu 06-Sep-07 11:59:59

Bear in mind also that if they ask you something that you don't want to mention in front of DH you could always lie and then call them up later to explain (they always give you their mobile numbers at first appointment). They wouldn't bat an eyelid I am sure if you did this.

morningpaper Thu 06-Sep-07 12:05:24

Stomper I can't see any reason why it might be raised.

Does your DH know about the attack?

You might like to keep in mind that your mental health is likely to swing from one extreme to the other in the next few months through trying to conceive and pregnancy and birth and baby... Make sure you take care of yourself and give yourself lots of space and look after your body and mind.

Good luck!

pixie04 Thu 06-Sep-07 12:33:25

My SIL has had previous issues (not huge ones) with depression because of abuse by an ex partner. The doctor was aware of this it and was mentioned a few times during ante natal appointments because she had used anti depressants (can't spell)

Basically if you have had previous mental health issues they should ask you and you should tell the truth no matter how large or small the problem was. They only need to know so that they can be aware and look out for you in case you have any problems with pregnancy or post natal depression.

My SIL found it was helpful to be open about it with people like the Midwife and Doctor. There were times she was offered medication even during her pregnancy, she rufused which you can as she didn't feel the need for them, but they wanted to be pro active. She did end up suffering with post natal depression but not like the stuff thats in the soaps she just found it a bit hard dealing with the stresses (no problems bonding with the baby though) and was reffered quickly for counselling.

I think its better to be honest about it so that they can help and look after you and your baby if needed.

You shouldn't let it put you off though, it won't be made into a big deal and you will be the one in control of how much or how little you tell them and whether you chose to accept help from them or not if a situation were to arise.

Stomper Thu 06-Sep-07 13:28:12

Thanks again everyone. My DH knows about it all and he's very supportive, so no worries on that front. It really has put my mind at ease hearing all your views and thoughts. I feel much happier about being able to mention being on anti-depressants knowing it won't raise too many questions.

Thanks again everyone, I can see myself popping in here quite a bit over the next few months!


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