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TTC spring 2020

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amc2018 Mon 02-Mar-20 19:22:26

Hi we are hoping TTC this month. Right at the beginning of my cycle. Taking my first folic acid tablet today. Do you hues have any tips. Let start our journeys together smile we have been trying on and off with no joy. This month we want to give it a real shot! Any help and experiences will be amazing. Is there anyone in the same boat? It's so heart breaking to see the lonely line so let support each other to the double line of happinesssmile x

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HeyJupiter Mon 02-Mar-20 19:33:31

Hi, I’m on cycle day 1 today! Period just started so will be gearing up with opks in about a week. Are you doing any ovulation testing? I like the clearblue ones as am terrible with the line comparisons on the cheap ones.

Are you trying for your first baby? I have a 2 year old son and feeling very ready to try for number two. Good luck smile x

HeyJupiter Mon 02-Mar-20 19:34:46

Oh also would recommend taking vitamin D along with your folic acid (NHS guidelines).

amc2018 Mon 02-Mar-20 19:40:46

I have a box of pregnacare conception I am thinking of taking them instead but I have see reviews that they delay cycles... so I am unsure. My cycles range from 28 to 32 days too. I am going to use the cheap ones this time just because I need to use them up. How often do you recommend doing the deed heard to much is bad haha? Yes it's our first baby smile not been on the pill for a year nothing has happens as we just took the if it does it does mind set but now we are so hopeful we want to be parents so much... good luck too. I think this is such a nice way to help and talk to others that are in the same boat!! Xx

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HeyJupiter Mon 02-Mar-20 21:38:32

Absolutely, it’s really nice to share the journey smile

I’ve always gone with DTD every other day across my fertile window as every day is quite a lot of pressure (especially with a toddler) so will try and do the same this time. I tend to ovulate around CD12/13 so will use that as a middle point. My cycles are 26-28 days normally.

If your cycles are 28-32 I guess you’re ovulating around CD14-18?

It’s so much harder to get pregnant than we are led to believe I swear! With opks and tracking I’m sure it will happen for you soon. Exciting.

Ovia is a good tracking app that I’m going to use again this time x

710BH Tue 03-Mar-20 07:10:25

We are also TTC, 2nd cycle & I’m due to ovulate around now. However opks are still showing negative yet everything points towards me either having ovulated or very much about to.
I’m going to try and check my BBT over the next few days to see if that can give me any more clear signs. Currently using Ovia to track & would totally recommend.
AF is due around 16th March, but wouldn’t test until about 20th.
Good luck to you all for BFPs! X

Juno231 Tue 03-Mar-20 07:37:27

I'm on cycle 2 trying for our first - hoping this is our month! I've mentioned this to others on here before but I think getting a BFN this month will really bring me down as it means another year without a baby (as April onwards takes us into 2021) and my bday is in Jan so it means I won't have kids at 32 either. All silly as it doesn't really matter but it sure messes with my noggin!

CoalCraft Tue 03-Mar-20 10:08:42

Hi! Took my last contraceptive pill yesterday, so it might be a while yet before my body settles down, but am technically starting TTC this month!

Plan basically is to (try) not to think about it for a few months untill I've had a few natural periods, them start tracking and all that jazz. At the moment I basically have no idea what my natural cycle is like as it's been 10 years! 😅 So will be discovering it all as I go. If I happen to fall pregnant before then, great! But am not really expecting it.

Huge good luck to all!

Factualmistakes Tue 03-Mar-20 15:32:48

Hello. Had my copper coil out last week on day 3 of my cycle which is usually 27/28 days. I have always been pretty regular and the copper coil messes around with you less so I am hoping my tracker app is fairly accurate as i have been tracking for a while. Ovulation should be at the weekend but I have a test just to double check. I'm 34 and this will be my first so trying to stay relaxed and we will see what happens.

Good luck to us all!

babyno320 Tue 03-Mar-20 16:18:01

Me and my DH have decided to start trying for baby no3 this month. AF finished yesterday and my period app says ovulation should be around the 11/3/2020 based on my 27 day cycle. Never tracked my ovulation with my DS and DD as was very if it happens it happens but my youngest is now 8 and feel very ready for number 3 so hoping it wont take to long, not going to test for ovulation just going to see what happens for now. i have not been on the pill since november last year due to manufacturer shortage but have been using condoms. Are all of you TTC for the first time? x

CoalCraft Tue 03-Mar-20 16:22:51

@babyno320 It's my first time! It's all a bit daunting tbh, there's so many new terms to learn 😅

Best of luck to you with your third x

babyno320 Tue 03-Mar-20 16:51:48

@coalcraft my first wasnt planned I was 18, he is now 10 and the best surprise I could have asked for and then my second was planned conceived 2nd cycle after coming of minipill after 2 years but I was still at uni so was very relaxed about it and now I'm 29 and there is an 8 year gap and I feel quite scared myself so can't imagine how daunting it must be for you, it feels all brand new again lol....I get confused with some of the terms and head to Google haha....hopefully it won't be long for you BFP (big fat positive) x

DoctorBambino Tue 03-Mar-20 18:31:02

Hi everyone, I finished my last pill packet last week and will be ttc first baby! So exciting! I have no idea what my cycles will be like so may be waiting a while for them to settle. I've been on the pill for 15 years with very few breaks!

CoalCraft Tue 03-Mar-20 19:02:12

@babyno320 Thanks, you too! Completely makes sense that it would all feel new to you too, but I'm sure we'll all get the hang of it!

@DoctorBambino Sounds like we're in similar situations! It's gonna be strange re- learning our natural cycles, huh? If you don't mind me being nosy, were you on the mini pill or combined? I always thought combined was more common, but on here it seems most people are on the mini pill. I wonder if there's much difference in how long bodies take to get back to normal after them 🤔

710BH Tue 03-Mar-20 19:02:47

@Juno231 I totally know what you mean. We always said we would want a 2020 baby and like you, are hoping for a March BFP! My partner is 30 in May and he said he would love to be a dad by 30. It’s silly things that make us feel like we’re restricting ourselves and although it will happen when it happens, it’s still on your mind! X

710BH Tue 03-Mar-20 19:06:11

@CoalCraft I was on the mini pill. I came off it on the 6th January and pretty much had my period (which was around my AF time anyways). February was my first proper period and I felt it! I didn’t bleed for long but I suffered with bad PMS and cramps. I’ve done my own head in with testing, both ovulation and pregnancy tests so going to ease of the tests and track my body temp over the next week. My app tells me I’m at my peak now but I’m still getting negative opk’s! Hoping for BFP’s for us all!

PumpkinPie2016 Tue 03-Mar-20 19:07:28

Can I join in?

We have decided to start trying for our second baby. I had an implant in my arm but it expired 17 months ago (have been using condoms) so will ne having it out later this month but will start trying anyway as cycle has been back to normal for ages.

My cycle is 28/29 days so think ovulation is between days 11 and 14? I never really tracked it with DS and was lucky enough to fall pregnant quickly. Might see how it goes for now and may track later.

I'm quite excited (although a tad daunted too!). DS is six and it's taken while for us to decide to go ahead for number 2!

Good luck to all.

710BH Tue 03-Mar-20 19:07:39

@DoctorBambino good luck to you! I was very similar in being on the pill for a very long time with not many breaks. Hopefully my period seems to have regulated so hoping things are moving in the right direction. Fingers crossed for you! X

710BH Tue 03-Mar-20 19:09:03

@PumpkinPie2016 hello, good luck to you! It sounds right for your days for ovulation. Here’s hoping for positive results 😊x

amc2018 Tue 03-Mar-20 22:00:44

Has anyone doing anything different this month? I am on my last day of period today and really want to see the positive lines this month (fingers crossed) good luck everyone x

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Hankychief Tue 03-Mar-20 22:34:28

So good to see others in the same situation. I really have no clue what to expect with all this and it is a little daunting at times! Lots to learn.
All we can do is try to relax and hope we get lucky at some point.

DoctorBambino Wed 04-Mar-20 11:48:50

@CoalCraft I've been on the combined pill (microgynon) not sure if that will make any difference! Husband is pretty convinced it's going to happen quickly whereas I'm expecting it to take at least 6 months. Of course I'm hoping he is right!

Juno231 Wed 04-Mar-20 12:32:45

@amc2018 I'm just a bit more on the ball this cycle. Last month we only really managed to DTD once during fertile week cause I hadn't grasped when my most fertile days were or when I'd ovulate in relation to an LH surge as it was all so last minute. This month OH is fully on board and there's a DTD schedule just so OH gets it as otherwise he'd be less likely to agree to DTD...

CoalCraft Wed 04-Mar-20 13:15:35

@DoctorBambino I was on microgynon for a while! Got swapped over to Logynon in the end.

I hope your husband is right too! For some reason I feel like it's either gonna happen for me straight away or it'll take ages... Of course realistically somewhere in the middle is most likely

Buns05 Wed 04-Mar-20 20:56:52

@doctorbambino I was on microgynon for over 10 years. I came off it in Dec and have settled back into a regular pattern so far! Not TTC yet but will be in a few months! Hope coming off it goes well for you! smile

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