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2 day light period

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MotherofanangelAlfiesmum2018 Mon 02-Mar-20 09:37:31

Was wondering if anyone had a light period as implantation bleeding ? So a day before AF was due I bled and it was very scanty light watery pink that day I was having weird right hip pain and twinges I never get that with AF and very very mild cramps not like AF cramps, for the first day the blood was on and of not much blood at all then on day 2 blood was a little darker but hardly bled at all which is not normal for me I’m normally a heavy full flow for days, now this morning no blood and it has cleared up, I’ve been having very vivid dreams for 2 weeks now, blue veins on my breast and throughout my body, my breasts feel Fuller but not sore probably because this would be my second pregnancy if I am, my wee has been darker and I have needed to wee a lot more, have felt very under the weather and mood is up and down like a yo yo, my vulva has also gone very dark that was the one that alerted me yesterday as I was moisturising and noticed how dark it was so that’s a strange one, also starving hungry all the time and my nose can smell absolutely anything and everything! Any advice or similar stories or any help? Did anyone get a bfp after a similiar experience ? X

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MotherofanangelAlfiesmum2018 Mon 02-Mar-20 12:20:31

????? Anyone ???? lol

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