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TTC Increase cycle length and miscarriage

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valeriesparx Sun 01-Mar-20 19:32:04

We’ve been trying actively to get pregnant for the last 18 months, more seriously in the last 9 months (though we have not used contraception for the last 2 years).
In the last 9 months I have miscarried twice so it’s been tricky to track my cycle (though I seemingly use all the apps there are) however I had a “proper look” at it and my cycle length has gone from an average of 24 days to 27 days. Is that a normal thing or something to be concerned about?
I’m convinced it’s the start of the menopause or a sign of something more wrong with me.

I’m taking supplements, attempting to eat healthy, exercise and lose a bit of weight but so far nothing is sticking so I can’t help feeling that at 37 I’ve left it way too late for child number one.
I have been pregnant on a couple of occasions previously but was in a very abusive relationship which meant carrying on with pregnancy at the time wasn’t advisable (I’m now hugely regretting those choices)
My current partner is 45 and has a child from a prior relationship so as for help via the NHS my GP has pretty much advised that there is no support whatsoever and if I can afford private healthcare it’s “probably a waste”.
I’ve had an ultrasound and they said things looked relatively normal. My blood tests showed a slightly strange liver function but nothing more conclusive.
Is anyone else in a similar position or has anyone been in a similar position and managed a happy outcome?

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Livingmagicallyagain Sun 01-Mar-20 20:26:26

So sorry to read everything you have gone through flowers

I don't think you've left it too late. Read It Starts with the Egg, and follow the plans there. They take three months to start working. Make sure your Thyroid levels are optimal, TSH must be 2.5b or under.

Try temping to see what's going on and when you're really ovulating. Toni Wheschler's book is best for that.

Best of luck to you smile

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