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Ellismartine Sun 01-Mar-20 01:12:45

Hi everyone. I thought it would be a good idea to share my experience of a hycosy; purely because before I had mine last week I was absolutely horrified after reading so many negative stories about the procedure! First of all I am the biggest woos and suffer madly with anxiety so I got myself in a bit of a state the days leading up to the procedure.
Anybody who has one coming up please don't worry it's really not bad! I went into the room, literally chatted away to the nurse while the doctor done what he had to do and it was at most slightly uncomfortable and crampy, over so quickly and one step closer to conceive fingers crossed! Anybody got any positive stories of conceiving after the procedure?

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wannabebump Sun 01-Mar-20 05:59:41

Hey OP, I've been reading up on a hycosy as at my last fertility appointment they discussed it being the next step. So glad to hear it wasn't so bad, and good luck xx

Ellismartine Sun 01-Mar-20 10:47:56

I’m glad I managed to put someone’s mind at rest. It’s literally like a smear, nothing at all to worry about. Huge good luck to you as well. The trying to conceive journey is a heavy load on the mind right! I hope everything goes smoothly for you
Ellis x

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