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Has anyone had implantation bleeding same day as af due?

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rainydays9 Fri 28-Feb-20 10:37:48

Has anyone had implantation bleeding on the same day as af due? I think I'm clutching at straws but I've had no cramping which I usually get and I normally start spotting a day or two before which I haven't this time

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momofpickle Fri 28-Feb-20 10:56:35

I'm afraid not - I've been TTC for 2 years and every time I've had a little bit of spotting and thought about this question, it was just AF being a dick. Sorry.

From what I've read, 75% of women do not have implantation bleeding so it's a shame there's so much talk of it online.

I came on here to vent about this today actually. After nearly 2 years of being told all was well by NHS, I finally saw a private gynaecologist towards the end of last year and got diagnosed with endo and adenomyosis. I had a laparascopy and hysteroscopy last month, which went well, removed adhesions and opened my fallopian tubes and I'm happy about that. We DTD possibly slightly too late to catch the egg this month but it's due day and all I've had is a tiny little bit of spotting. Negative pregnancy test.

I don't mind the TWW until it gets to the actual date of my period and it's a no show / this spotting game happens! Find it v upsetting and frustrating! Constantly hoping in my heart I might be pregnant after all even though my gut says no.

How long have you been TTC?

Panda368 Fri 28-Feb-20 11:00:20

I did, I had 2 days of slightly pinky spotting on days 30 and 31. Took a test the 3rd day and it was positive.

momofpickle Fri 28-Feb-20 11:43:09

Also, I're read so many of these posts re. implantation bleeding and the OP usually gets their period. Sorry, I'm not meaning to be a Debbie downer, of course I hope that yours is implantation bleeding, OP!

Bezalelle Fri 28-Feb-20 11:44:07

It's always AF. Implantation bleeding is actually really rare.

Every month of TTC I convinced myself that AF spotting was implantation. It never was. So disappointing!

rainydays9 Fri 28-Feb-20 12:06:44

Okay thanks very much I think I just needed to hear that and accept it is af starting.

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Missgoldilocks Fri 28-Feb-20 15:45:47

I had implantation bleed with my son, it was one wipe of red blood around time af was due but not sure exactly when.

paintfairy Fri 28-Feb-20 15:50:04

@momofpickle how did the nhs not pick that up?! Honestly. Did they do tests? It is worrying.

momofpickle Fri 28-Feb-20 16:11:09

@paintfairy - it was bad! I was very disappointed over the time I'd lost. The GP had told me just to "relax"! I'd had bloods and a scan which said everything was fine.

I have been meaning to put a post on here to just tell everyone who has been TTC for a year to get to a good private gynaecologist who specialises in fertility and endometriosis. That consultant spotted it straight away after one scan and then the laparasopy confirmed and treated it.

Don't just listen to your GP or a scan from a non-specialist - go to a specialist if you think there's something up with your body.

Sorry to hijack, OP.

kenandbarbie Fri 28-Feb-20 16:42:55

I did! In fact I had what I thought was a period. Didn't know I was pregnant till 10 weeks.

paintfairy Fri 28-Feb-20 16:48:43

@momofpickle here was me thinking a blood test and scan means I'm ok! Great. Although that was with gp for generic period issues. I bleed in my LP. I'll go back in a couple of months to see if I can get referred. I'm old so can't wait forever.
I don't think I can afford private.

rainydays9 Fri 28-Feb-20 16:59:21

@momofpickle no problem and thank you for sharing your experience, sorry all that happened to you. I haven't been ttc for very long

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rainydays9 Fri 28-Feb-20 17:01:10

@kenandbarbie thank you did you get it on the day you were due on? I'm not getting my hopes up as I'm sure it's af it's just this month is different to all others and I've barley had any cramping. Did you have any pregnancy symptoms?

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momofpickle Fri 28-Feb-20 17:03:20

@paintfairy - if you can afford to get private health insurance now I guess you could cancel it. If you're bleeding mid cycle I would def get a specialists opinion, GPs just don't know about it. It cost me £250 excess with cover, but otherwise the treatment was about £3-3.5k. I was recommended a specific consultant at BMI Priory Birmingham and he was brilliant.

momofpickle Fri 28-Feb-20 17:05:46

Even if you can't go private it's worth getting a referral to a gynaecologist who specialises in fertility and endometriosis

kenandbarbie Fri 28-Feb-20 17:09:26

Yes on the day I was due. No symptoms then but did get some when second period was due and took test to rule pregnancy out before I went to the doctors as I felt pregnant . I had had to have ivf for first dc, so didn’t think it was possible.

Lozz22 Fri 28-Feb-20 17:16:57

I never had implantation bleeding with any of mine. 2 chemicals, 1 I didn't even know I was Pregnant until I went in the shower with cramping. Felt a pop down there and looked down to see it on the floor of the bath and my most recent one just niggling pains which I passed off as a kidney infection. Decided to test when I was getting symptoms such as nausea breast tenderness and aversions to chocolate and being able to really taste milk in my drinks. What I thought was implantation bleeding a couple of months ago was just my period being a twat and deciding to turn up 3 weeks late. This time I'm just going to wait before I get my hopes up and test

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