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Coil removal

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motherofallweeks Wed 26-Feb-20 13:43:47

Panicking a little.

Had my copper coil removed earlier (heavy and painful periods). When asked when I last had sex I confidently said last week and was absolutely convinced of it. Spoke to DH after removal and he reminded me it was actually only 2 days ago.
I didn't switch to mirena and the plan is to use condoms til my cycle settles down and I know where I am.

Do I need to get the MAP?

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Michette Wed 26-Feb-20 13:44:32


Michette Wed 26-Feb-20 13:44:56

I mean if you dont want to conceive...

motherofallweeks Wed 26-Feb-20 13:52:58

Thanks so much. MAP it is...

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